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Books, Books, Books.

I’ve been wanting to post something here since few days back but I couldn’t write anything. I haven’t been going out with my friends and that makes it even harder for me to blog. Y’see, I usually just blog about what had happened to me on that certain day – who I was with, what we did, where we went.. Just those stuff. And since I’m just stuck here, I couldn’t think of anything to blog. Plus it’s just me and Kennon here so it can really get so boring!

Thank goodness I have books. I already finished the book I bought few days ago. I knew right when I saw it that would not disappoint me. The Gypsy Madonna (by Santa Montefiore) is one of those books which I literally did not put down until I’ve finished reading it. I even brought it with me when I peed. HAHA. No exaggeration, I really did. I agree with Emily Bunton (Booklist) when she said the Santa Montefiore is a grand story teller. She definitely is!

I loved the novel because Mischa, the main character in the novel, had a very interest…

Thank goodness for Jollibee!

I honestly am not feeling a-okay lately. I'm currently going through something I wish I didn't haveto go through. I was never the type of person who talks about problems as long as I can endure it. I opt to keep it to myself and cry a little when I feel like it’s getting a little too heavy for me to carry alone. I thank God that He made me a happy person, someone who always find a reason to smile and have fun even if sometimes everything seems to be so messed up.

Sometimes though, I wish He made me as someone who could easily open up to a friend, someone who could talk to people about her problems. I have wonderful friends and I love them dearly, but like what I said, I’m just not the type of person who shares problems. I am the type of person who’d rather listen to my friends’ problems than talk about mine. I know my friends will always be there to listen to what I have to stay, to help me in every way they can..but most of the time, their presence are good enough for me to …

three seconds violation!

So because I change my mind every three seconds (exage!), I, once again have changed my layout. This layout is more like me. I love the other one, but it was too dark for me. I was inspired by Alex, she changed her layout, and it's so pretty (she makes really pretty layouts for her blog) and Kim Bum is on her header. (!!!!) I didn't make this layout though. I got this from blogskins. I just changed the background image and voila! New layout for moi! :)

So yeah. I just wanted to blog because of my new layout.

Btw, I bought a new book. HOORAY!
This is the second time that I'll be reading Santa Montefiore. The first one I read was The Last Voyage of the Valentina and I thought it was pretty good. So I didn't think twice when I saw this one. Go google the book if you want to have an idea what it's all about. :) I'm too lazy to type!

K, bye! ;)

Because Bullets Save Lives.

Since I was having a hard time leaving my previous blog, I decided to just import my entries here! I guess I really am back in the blogging world. Like, for real! All my posts from January 2008 are here now, and I'm using Haloscan again! I don't really like the blogger comments that much. So hello again, haloscan! :) So basically, it just like the poshprobinsyana blog, the url just changed and the layout!(So parang wala rin lang no? Lumipat pa ako. ha. ha.) I love going out with my friends. I say yes to get together sas much as I can. But you know, I am not always available. Lalo na ngayon that all of us is going to live together. I am an Ate before anything else. So when I say NO, its really a no. I just hope some of my friends would understand that. Its not like I dont want to hang out with them or anything. :-/ Kase, the other night, a friend called me asking me if I could go out and hang out with her. I said no because it was so late, I didn't ask for permission and I…


So uh, I changed my mind and my url. You can now link me. That is.. If you want to. :) What was I thinking anyway, right? Trying to be untraceable? Tss.

My life is so boring right now. I have no social life. Ha. Ha. So that explains the lack of update. I still go online. Everyday. I just don't go on YM that much. I am mostly on Plurk, Facebook (PetSoc), Soompi, Youtube and Tumblr.

Aaahhh. I can't really think of anything to blog. Tss. Soooo. What else can I talk about right? Kokokoreans! :P

I hate the voices they're in BOF. And there are so many negative comments about Hyun Joong (JiHoo). I am blaming it all to his hair color! Hahahah! Seriously. He looks way better, even better than a girl, with his old hair style. You know when he was still on WGM, with Hwang Bo? When he still had his muscles? When he isn't that thin.
Hyun Joong-ssi. <3>I loved We Got Married because the show introduced Kim Hyun Joong to me. ;)) It was a year ago (if i'm not mistaken). He was…


Sorry for the super low quality pic! =))

I saw this picture on Charlie's friendster. He's one of my friends from high school. We were in third year high school when this picture was taken. I was standing between Besh (Jess) and Bru (Ymel). Brings back so many memories.

It was in second year high school when the three of us started hanging out together. Me and my best friend since 4th grade had a falling out that time, Ymel just transferred from another school and Jess and I suddenly became closer and the three of us would always sit beside each other every break time and we would hang out at the rest room all the time. Our rest room during those time was so clean, we can literally lay down on the floow without getting our uniforms dirty. And we love how big the mirrors in the rest room are!

Third year high school, we became really inseparable. Then after the semestral break, Teta transferred and she instantly became our friend. She wasn't in the picture because this was ta…

Its Just A Little Crush

When did you have your first crush? Do you still remember the first time your crush talked to you? The first time you competed with someone for your crush's attention? Why am i suddenly talking about these things, you might ask..

Well last night, Kiara -10y/o (our bunso) and Min-min - 7 y/o (cousin) were having chit chats with their new friends. I already mentioned that we moved in a new place so new friends for my (not so) little sister. One of their new friends, Clyde, is a cute little boy. He's 9 and my cousins Min-min and Yan-yan have a crush on him. So they were sitting on the stairs, talking and we could hear them. Me and Krizza couldn't help but eavesdrop and laugh a little with the flow of their conversation. They were talking about their crushes and other cutesy stuffs! =))

When their new friends left our house, Kiara and Min-min carried on with their kwentuhan. And I swear, it was sooo cute. Both of them are being so maarte and malandi -- in a cute way. They were …

Newbie once again!

So I finally decided to make a new blog. It took me a lot of thinking before making a new one and here I am! I really wanted to continue blogging at my other blog but I dunno, I suddenly lost the urge to write and update there. :-/

So what have I been up to since i stopped blogging?

April 22 – We finally moved in the apartment. We were supposed to move in earlier but we didn’t finish fixing some stuffs on time so yeah, April 22nd! We still aren’t finish beautifying the apartment, still have to finish wallpapering rooms and we still don’t have furniture but we’ll survive with what we have at the moment – for now.

April 27 – Mama Oyeth and ate Arlene went with me to the hospital for my check up. It was my first time to see an OB so I was kind of nervous. Trans-rectal churva was a fucker. HAHA. I swear not to visit an OB ever again! Hahahahah! So anyway, the check up was okay (except for the trans rectal). Dr. Rivera said I'm fine. Well, kinda. As usual, my hemoglobin count is unbeliev…