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Because Bullets Save Lives.

  • Since I was having a hard time leaving my previous blog, I decided to just import my entries here! I guess I really am back in the blogging world. Like, for real! All my posts from January 2008 are here now, and I'm using Haloscan again! I don't really like the blogger comments that much. So hello again, haloscan! :) So basically, it just like the poshprobinsyana blog, the url just changed and the layout! (So parang wala rin lang no? Lumipat pa ako. ha. ha.)
  • I love going out with my friends. I say yes to get together sas much as I can. But you know, I am not always available. Lalo na ngayon that all of us is going to live together. I am an Ate before anything else. So when I say NO, its really a no. I just hope some of my friends would understand that. Its not like I dont want to hang out with them or anything. :-/ Kase, the other night, a friend called me asking me if I could go out and hang out with her. I said no because it was so late, I didn't ask for permission and I was the oldest in the house, therefore I couldn't just leave the younger ones alone. I just don't understand why it seems so hard for her to understand that I have younger siblings to look out for.
  • Speaking of my siblings, Krizza and Kiara (with Manang) are back in Mindoro for the mean time. They're going to be back here before school starts. So its just me and Kennon in the house. And we always fight because no one wants to do the dishes or clean the kitchen. HAHA! It's frustrating you know. I hate him because I always tell him to clean the bathroom after using it, but he doesn't listen. He'd rather cook than clean the kitchen. Okay lang sana, but he doesn't know how to cook either. One time, he cooked adobo and it tasted so bad. It was really salty and doesn't taste like adobo at all. So now, we only cook if its fried chicken, fried liempo or anything fried for that matter.
  • So my tita and cousins are really addicted to BOF. Since they moved BOF in and earlier time slot, they are now watching it online. But they also watch it on tv sometimes (adik much)! They are really into it. I sometimes watch with them (both online and on tv) and they still keeps on asking stuffs about the show. I still can't get over the BOF mania myself so I understand why they're so hooked! :P
  • And oh, welcome back to blogging again, Apple and Krisha! You girls are two of my first few friends here in the blog world! I missed reading your long entries.
Edit: HAHAHA. My gosh. I change my mind every 3 seconds. Back to blogger comments! Sorry Aisha and Angie. The comments you made are in halsocan! :P


Alex said…
Ate Ishna! Tagal kong di nakabisita. =)

Aaww....being an ate is sometimes a tough job. I should know coz I'm one too! Hehehehe...

Nako ngayon bakasyon kami dalawang lang ng kapatid ko sa bahay. Yun naman ayaw magluto. Mamatay na sya sa gutom at lahat wag lang syang magluto. Kakaasar! =))

OMFGGGGGGGGG....BOF!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER HOOKED NA KO. AS IN SUPER. Pinapanood ko sya online and sa TV. Ang cute ng story. Grabe na toooooooooo!

Haba ng comment ko. Haha!
issshhh said…
Alex! Okay lang! Haha. I know na kapag bakasyon eh medyo li-low ka sa blogging world.

HAHAHHA! Sobrang alam ko na magiging sobrang hit yan dito. Kase naman. Ang cute na nung story ang cute pa nilang lahat! AHAHA
Apple said…
Hello sis!!!! Wow, thanks for that welcome! Grabe, friends like you who never forgets is worth being treasured :) Thanks thanks. I feel so loved. Exactly what I needed right now =) I hope we can catch up a little more pa, you know makabawi man lang sa very loooooong time na i was off line. hahaha. anyway, we have all the time in the world so it's all good! :) :) ;)

At sino ba naman ang gustong maghugas ng dishes? Sino? Sino? Wala wala wala! Yan ang pinaka hatest of all the hatest kong household chores forever!!!! i mean after all the indulgence biglang ganon. unfair unfair unfair. hahaha.
[ k r y k ] said…
ate ishna,

ateeeee :D lol Ü

BOF haha

ang daming nabaliw na naman dahil dito hehe Ü

ang cute kase :DDD
issshhh said…
APPLE: No biggie! Ano ka ba, there are so many people who love you. Ako nga na online friend eh love ka, those people around you pa kaya talaga? :)

Ako din, ayoko talaga maghugas ng plato. HAHAHA. Id rather clean the house.

KYRK: Ano baaa. Ate ka dyan! Hahahaha! Sige. Ang saya naman kase ng BOF eh! :))
krishA said…
whats wrong with washing the dishes? haha mga bruha talaga kayo.. nasanay kasi ako na ako lagi nag huhugas ng plato dito, immune na ako :))

and thanks sa welcome sis, na miss din kita ;), even though it may seem like we're only just blog friends, one day I hope we can turn that into a real friendship by meeting up :)

pasensiya na hindi ako naka meet sa yo. may sakit ang lola mo eh.

and what the heck is BOF? haha wala akong hilig sa mga korean drama, if thats what it is LOL
RJ said…
Kapag Ate, Ate talaga, ano?! Hanep!

Hahaha! Nakaka-relate ako, Kuya din kasi ako.

Congrats sa bago mong blog. U Wala na 'yong isa?
grace said…
you're friend must understand that you are the eldest in the family and you just can' leave them and do your own thing. btw, i love BOF ,too but I am not that much addicted to it. It's just like meteor garden so already know the flow of the story. :D

..btw, can we exlinks?
issshhh said…
KRISHA: Ewan ko ba! Basta ayoko talaga maghugas ng plato. Yun talaga yung ayaw ko. HAHA. I'd rather clean the washroom kesa maghugas ng plato. :))

Magkikita din tayo! That's for sure! ;)

Eh ako kase, adik sa Asian series. Blame it to Meteor Garden. HAHAHA

RJ: Oo nga eh. Ang hirap din maging panganay. Pero masaya din naman minsan! ;) Yung isa, nakaprivate lang ngayon, pero inimport ko naman dito yung laman. heehee. Thanks, RJ!

GRACE: Nako. Ako, sobrang naadik ako. HAHA. When it was still airing in Korea, sinasabayan kong panoorin. HAHA! Buti na lang tapos na ako sa super adik stage. medyo adik phase na lang. =))
krishA said…
Ako I hate cleaning in general haha.

sus marya, uu magkikita tayo at ililibre mo ako ng starbucks haha! next year august bru uuwi ulit ako.. sana magkita kita tayo nila apple and bianca.

hmm.. I loved meteor garden kaso na trauma ako sa meteor garden season 2. asar na asar ako dun
issshhh said…
Ako din naman, I hate cleaning, but what the heck, I have no choice at moment. HAHAHA

Ako din, ayoko nung second season ng MG. KAse namaaaan. Inis na inis ako kase pinahaba ng pinahaba yung story. Naging pangit tuloy. lol

HELLOOOOO. Ikaw ang dapat manlibre no! =)) HAHA
seems like eveyone's into this BOF... hmmmm....
issshhh said…
Yes, YES! Ang gwapo kase nung F4! HAHA

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