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Books, Books, Books.

I’ve been wanting to post something here since few days back but I couldn’t write anything. I haven’t been going out with my friends and that makes it even harder for me to blog. Y’see, I usually just blog about what had happened to me on that certain day – who I was with, what we did, where we went.. Just those stuff. And since I’m just stuck here, I couldn’t think of anything to blog. Plus it’s just me and Kennon here so it can really get so boring!

Thank goodness I have books. I already finished the book I bought few days ago. I knew right when I saw it that would not disappoint me. The Gypsy Madonna (by Santa Montefiore) is one of those books which I literally did not put down until I’ve finished reading it. I even brought it with me when I peed. HAHA. No exaggeration, I really did. I agree with Emily Bunton (Booklist) when she said the Santa Montefiore is a grand story teller. She definitely is!

I loved the novel because Mischa, the main character in the novel, had a very interesting childhood. Almost half of the book talked about his childhood/adolescent life. And along with that interesting childhood were interesting people around him. The minor characters were as fascinating as the main character. Each of the characters Santa Montefiore made has their own distinctive quality which made each of them remarkable. I just wished that Mischa and Cayote have reunited in the end, though. :-/

I don’t think I have mentioned this before, but I started reading the Twilight Saga last month. Yes, just last month. Last year, I have read so many bloggers blogging how good the book is and how cold cool Edward is. It hadn’t really caught much of my attention because I don’t really fancy vampire stories. Then I learned that it was going to be in theatres so I told myself that I would just watch the movie first and then read the book after. So I watched the movie, I liked it but it still I didn’t think of buying books. It was just last month, because I knew that I would be in need of something to read in case the internet connection would take long.

So there, I am still not done with Breaking Dawn. Ha. Ha. I don’t like the saga so much. You see, if I like what I am reading, I wouldn’t wait for tomorrow to finish the book. But it’s been a month now and I still haven’t finished it. And It’s just now that I blogged about it. So that means I really don’t like it so much. Heehee. I remember how bloggers would take sides. Team Edward and Team Jacob. Well, I’m a Team Jacob. I love him and the wolves. I love the Cullens too (I love Alice the most), but not as much as I love the wolves. =))

And hooray for me. I finally blogged!

Me wants more booooks. Gimme, gimme. :P


lucas said…
i am reading the twilight saga. e- books nga lang so it's taking me sometime to read. sakit kasi sa mata. hehehe! Twilight is very light and romatically exagerrated in my opinion. Twilight pa lang ako eh. hehe!

bookworm ka pala :)


i never had the chance to write short stories much when i was in HS. ngayon lang talaga when i discovered blogging :)
krishA said…
Im still reading the twilight saga too, up to the third book. well i havent started it really. its still on my bed side table. haha ang busy ko kasi. buti ikaw ishna dami mo time mag relax and magbasa lang :(
[ k r y k ] said…
de ako nag babasa ngayon.
my mind is stuck :D

stagnant na 'ko lol Ü
issshhh said…
LUCAS:Siguro kase Twilight is for the younger people. HAHA. We're still young, i know that, pero sa medyo ms bata pa. HAhA. :P

I tried DL-ing ebooks, kaso katamad basahin! Wala pa akong natatapos na ebook! =))

KRISHA: Ako kase, walang magawa, kaya basa lang ng basa. Iw ish I have something else to do, though. Cos it can really get really boring.

KYRK: Magbasa ka! =)) Ng blog ko. Wahhaa!
krishA said…
tara samahan mo akong tumawa ishna haha, may fans ako sa blog ko.

check out my blog. Inaaway ako :))
Apple said…
@issshhh: sorry sorry hindi ako masyadong nakapagbloghop after ko tong pinost. Rush much kasi eh. Hahaha. Yep senior na ako! (dance) Malapit na. Konti nalang! Hahaha.

Anyway, thanks parebond much kana din!!! Hehehe.

Sinabi mo pa, kapikon talaga to the highest level. resign na ako this sem i swear!!! hehe.

MY REPLY: Congrats tapos mo na ang Breaking Dawn!!! Sobrang tagal much ko din bago natapos much, naboring kasi ako dun sa may part nung kay jacob (sorry team edward here HAHAHAHA) kaya ayun, natapos ko nalang nitong vacation. Hahaha. Sa lahat btw, the first book ang pinakalove ko super! hehe.

wow i want to read din that book, the gypsy madonna! i have a thing kasi for those authors na magaling magnarrate/story tell. pero in fairness to you, fast reader much ka!!! nakakainggit. ako kasi, wala sa focus dati because of school. nitong vacay ko lang na 24/7 ang pagbabasa much. hehehe.
Apple said…
Nobela much ang comment ko sayo teh! Hahahaha.
Alex said…
Nung unang basa ko nung Twilight saga super baliw na baliw ako kay Edward pero ngayon parang wala lang. Ahaha! Ako naman I like the vampires over the wolves. Pero gusto ko pa rin yung wolves. Favourite kong vampire si Emmet! =D

I love reading books as well! Siguro kung nanalo ako sa lotto isa sa mga unang gagawin ko iriraid yung mga bookstores!

hhmm...i'll try to find gypsy madonna sa library namin. hopefully meron. =)

issshhh said…
APPLE: Ako naman, nabored ako dun sa iba kase puro Edward. HAhaha. Kakasawa. Soprry, Team Jacob ako eh. I loooove Jacob and the wolves. Really. :))

Yay, Good read talaga si Santa Montefiore.I'm going to buy her other books kapag may moolah na ulet. (that explains why hindi ako makapagparebond, nauubos sa books!). Sop far kase 2 books pa lang nya yung meron ako. :)

Nobela reply din ako? haha

ALex:I like Emmet too! I think I like him more than Edward. Obviously not an Edward fan here. Haha!

Ay, pareho tayo! Alam mo ba, everytime nagkakapera ako, books kaagad yung una kong naiisip na bilihin! Sobra!
Jhoice said…
I knew the feeling sis.
I used to blog the same thing toO,
like whateever I've done , what things and such..
So sumtyms it's really hard to blog wen we are just stocked in da mud.
Anyhoo, at least u got something to write. I haven't read nor bought any Books
since I cam hurr.. I spend more tim on da web.
Now Im jealous.xD I nevur hurd of The Gypsy Madonna sis ~ it sounds
pretyy Good, I have been meaning to buy some Books b4 I go to PI so I have
something to do in da flight I might as well try this one, thanks for sharing
it giRl ;)

Twilight is on my list toO.
Well Now U remind w/ my plans xD
U rock =)
I actually cheated with that Twilight saga. I went to a bookstore and read the last chapter of the last book. LOL!

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