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Sorry for the super low quality pic! =))

I saw this picture on Charlie's friendster. He's one of my friends from high school. We were in third year high school when this picture was taken. I was standing between Besh (Jess) and Bru (Ymel). Brings back so many memories.

It was in second year high school when the three of us started hanging out together. Me and my best friend since 4th grade had a falling out that time, Ymel just transferred from another school and Jess and I suddenly became closer and the three of us would always sit beside each other every break time and we would hang out at the rest room all the time. Our rest room during those time was so clean, we can literally lay down on the floow without getting our uniforms dirty. And we love how big the mirrors in the rest room are!

Third year high school, we became really inseparable. Then after the semestral break, Teta transferred and she instantly became our friend. She wasn't in the picture because this was taken before she came. The four of us would sometimes wear the same color of shirt when we go out, we cut classes together to go to the city proper and eat at Greenwhich! =)) Its just sad that Teta had to go back to the US right after graduation and we didn't get the chance to hang out with her since then. She'll be coming home in December and we just cant wait to see her again!

Some of our other barkada couldn' believe at first that we became the best chums in the end because we didnt really click when we first met. Jess, when I first met her on our first year in high school, is kind of irritating to me. I remember getting pissed at her once because we were both cleaners but she wasn't even helping! lol. Ymel naman, I didn't really like her that much because my best friend-slash-crush used to have a huge crush on her! HAHAHA!

We've been bestfriends for seven years now and I am more than glad that our friendship is getting stronger. I love them forever! :)


My classmate when I was in grade 2 and 3 posted our class foto in FB as well. It was cool! It has has triggered for me and my ex classmates to become close(r) again.
Frances said…
Aaaw, seven years? I wish I have a bestfriend like that. D:

Ymel naman, I didn't really like her that much because my best friend-slash-crush used to have a huge crush on her!

I know the feeling! =))
issshhh said…
KJ: Masaya talaga kapag nakakakita ng lumang pictures. May napapagkwentuhan at npag tatawanan!

FRANCES: You're gonna have best friends like mine too!

HAHAHA. Grabe, I was so insecure with Ymel dati! :))
[ k r y k ] said…
wow :D

seven years of friendship :D


friends for keeps. Ü
Jhoice said…
wow sis dat rocks
U guys are bestfriend for seven yrs now, dat's really cool
Sumtym those people who irritates us or we thought and feel like we can't be friends by them..They're the one who are nice, and be ur best buddies at da end. Aint it sis?:D
Just like me && my bessy, I didn't like her toO at first. Shes like whatever to me, now I love her :D

Nice shot sis,
StilL not bad for that old ,3

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