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Thank goodness for Jollibee!

I honestly am not feeling a-okay lately. I'm currently going through something I wish I didn't haveto go through. I was never the type of person who talks about problems as long as I can endure it. I opt to keep it to myself and cry a little when I feel like it’s getting a little too heavy for me to carry alone. I thank God that He made me a happy person, someone who always find a reason to smile and have fun even if sometimes everything seems to be so messed up.

Sometimes though, I wish He made me as someone who could easily open up to a friend, someone who could talk to people about her problems. I have wonderful friends and I love them dearly, but like what I said, I’m just not the type of person who shares problems. I am the type of person who’d rather listen to my friends’ problems than talk about mine. I know my friends will always be there to listen to what I have to stay, to help me in every way they can..but most of the time, their presence are good enough for me to make me feel better. So just when I would tell them what’s bugging me, it would all change when I already were with them.

This is one of the very few times that I am blogging about things like this. Haha. As you can see, most of my entries are filled with cheerfulness. I usually am a very cheery person. It’s just that I am having a really hard time lately. I sometimes feel so mad and sad about myself. What’s worse is, there are some people who make me feel even worse. People that I love, to make it worst. But when I think about it carefully, it all boils down to me. Basically it’s my fault. Because I can sometimes be so stubborn, so immature and just so.. SO.

I am just so thankful that little things make me feel better in a snap. The Jollibee near our house has reopened already! Yay for that! ;)


krishA said…

I get what you mean, but sometimes its not good to just bottle up all your problems.. if you feel like you dont want to share what your going through with friends, how about write it down on a piece of paper, that way you still have an outlet, and still can vent out your problems.

we're always here for you ish.. not that you'd vent out your problems publicly, but just know we're here :)
Anonymous said…
aww sis I'm sorry u're feeling
sad.. I hope u`lL feel better now.
We are quitely opposite is. I used to talk a lot when I have probs and trust people easily, but I learned a lesson and Now I am tryin to controL my feelings and not to voice out as much as possible. We just can't controL wat would happen sumtyms, So yeah sis.. gOod luck to u.
And Thank gOodness u've got some jollies der, dat's neat =)
Jhoice said…
Hey sis I'm the anonymous one,
soRry about dat.. WroNg buTton. mwah

When in sorrow, dont spend too much time in J-bee... think of the calories.

Anw, use that emo mode, pull more ideas out of it. Some people can be very artistic when they're sad. At least you're using that gloomy state in a positive way.
issshhh said…
KRISHA:Actually, that's what i do when i really feel like its getting all too heavy. Or I blog, pero sa multiply at naka private lang! heehee

Thanks, I know you're just one buzz away. As i said, just knowing i have friends make me feel better. :)

JHOICE: Thank you Jhoice! I know naman my friends would never do something that would make me feel bad or that would break my trust. I know they're just there, pero hanggang kaya ko, ako na lang muna! :P

And even though you didnt tell me it was you, i would know. lol. :P
issshhh said…
KRISJASPER: Pero alam mo ba, I used to eat a lot when i'm depressed. Ngayon di na masyado. Lately I;ve been cleaning the house like crazy. lol. Mas okay na panrelease ng stress! :P

How I wish I can be artistic when im on emo mode! HAHA Thanks KJ! ;)
krishA said…
buti pa isama mo ako sa jolibee haha. miss ko na ang palabok diyan :)
Lyra Ruth said…
Pano na ang diet nyan??? Hahaha.
issshhh said…
KRISHA: Sige, palabok lang pala eh! Haha!

LYRA: Ay, konti lang naman kinain ko. =))
i like the title of your blog! Hello to you from sanrekwang mga barangay ng mga tunay na veyklas! :)(
issshhh said…
Thank you, Veykla!
Frances said…
Ate Ishna, I feel you. You feel me? HAHA. I'm kidding.

All I can really say is that you'll get past all those obstacles. There's God anyways ;)
issshhh said…
I feel you. Feel na feel. Hahaha!

Thanks, Frances! :-)
[ k r y k ] said…
ishna, nice layout! :P love it.

ooops, bakit ka sad? smile a lot.
breath in, breath out. lol.

:D just have some sundae to make you feel better, ahihii. Ü
issshhh said…
Thank you, Kyrk! I smile a lot, thank goodness for that. :)
RJ said…
Mukhang malungkot nga ang post mong ito. Ano kasi ang problema mo? Buntis ka ba? JOKE! U

Hahahaha! Jollibee lang pala ang makapagpapasaya sa 'yo. Teka, Jollibee malapit sa inyo, nagsara?!
aryanne said…
HUGS! kayang kaya mo yan. kumain ka ng Chickenjoy! :D
issshhh said…
RJ: Hahahahahaha!! oo, buntis. Joke din. :P

Nirenovate kase yung Jollibee dito samen, mga 2 weeks din na closed. Heehee.

ARYANNE: Kayang kaya. Ako pa! :)

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