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Congratulations! :))

Can you believe it. I am blogging here at the office. Haha. I don't know but everytime I try to write an entry at home all the things that I wanted to write suddenly disappear. So i thought of trying it here at the office!

I actually have so many things to blog already but I can't seem to organize my thoughts. I wasn't busy, I still am not that busy. I was just really lazy. I was so lazy to organize my thought and put it into words. But hey, I'm trying now! I''m wishing myself luck. lol

So let me begin with the biggest change in my life so far -- WORK. It's been a month since I started working and I can say that it's fun. My coworkers are nice. They are very approachable and helpful so I am not really having a hard time. I had no problems in adjusting too. Anddd, I even got my first salary already. It's not really salary, it's training allowance, but whatever. It's the first moolah I got from working. :)) I spent some of it on foods, others w…


One of the reasons why i haven't been updating this blog is because I still am so attached to my previous blog. Haha. Its just that I've been blogging there regularly for more than a year. :-/But since I've made a decision already, I have to stand by it and continue blogging here. Pfft.

Another reason for the lack of updates (and blog hopping) is because I started working already. Who would have thought that I would work? I surely am missing my old life already. You know, when I used to just bum around, go online, sleep, eat and go out with my friends. And most of all, I MISS WAKING UP ANY TIME I WANT TO! It's so friggin hard to wake up friggin early to make it on time for work. And whenever I get home, I always feel so tired and I just want to sleep. I couldn't go online so much because I'd rather sleep. When I get used to working, I know I can update more often and be online more.

So I'm a CSR hereand will be taking calls fromthisaccount. I started trainin…


What is happening to me? Why am I not blogging as much as I used to anymore? Ugh. I suck. I promise to make a decent entry real soon. And I want to go back to my previous blog. I miss poshprobinsyana. Ugh. succcccccccccccckkkks.

New layout. :-|