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Am I? Reallyyy?

You know you're getting older (and more mature?) when you become the one who takes care of the drunk people in a party. Haha!

So it's my cousin Karen's Sweet 16 party at their house just few hours ago. She invited her friends and her sister's friends to drink. To make the story short, many of them were drunk. Some were throwing up, some were lying on the floor. Someone slept on the washing machine, yes you read that one right.. Washing machine. Someone tripped off and broke a tooth, I feel bad for her. :-/ Some were so drunk they couldn't even lift a finger. And no, I am not exagerrating.
So me, Ate Shayne, Karen, Ate Arlene and Mama Oyeth were the ones who took care of them. It took us a long time before we convinced and carried them to sleep. I wonder what's gonna happen when they wake up. The last time we drank together, the mirror at my tita's house was broken. I'm gonna check them out tomorrow, err I mean later! :))
Good night, loveys!