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Hoo Haa Hoo Haa

I never thought this day would come. Ha. Ha. I have been waiting for this day to come, you know, the day when I would want to blog again. I seriously thought this day wouldn't come, but here I am now! YEY! I just realized that I missed blogging so much. Something happened a while ago which made me think - 'I am so blogging this.' =)) But I changed my mind, I'm not gonna blog about it..right now.
So, I will try to blog again, blog like I used to. I wanted to go back here sana, but I guess it's better not to. I love my old blog because that is where I blogged for more than a year, but i think I should love this as much as I love the old one!
So update. Hmm. I can't believe I've been working for almost three months now. Wow. Of course my parents and some relatives are still not so happy that I'm working as a CSR, but they have no choice but accept it. I love and enjoy what I am doing and I think that's what important, right?
I think we're moving …