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..addicted to the following:

LOOKLET.Status:Slightly Addicted. Well, I was really addicted before. Looklet used to be my caffeine when I was on a graveyard shift. How wonderful would it be if I have all those pretty clothes in my closet, right? Ughh. I wish I have really really pretty clothes.

Those two at the top are the outfit I would not dare to wear here. LOL. I love the dress on # 2, but I would not wear it like that. The two outfits at the bottom are those I would LOVE to wear everyday of my life It's so comfy / laidback looking. I've been trying to look for a shorts as pretty as those, but unfortunately I couldn't find one that I like.

TWITTER. Status:Trying not to be that addicted anymore. Well, I just decided not to update as much as I used to. Most of my updates anyway are for fan girling purposes, so I'm trying not to anymore. :)

FARMVILLE. Status:Addcited no more -- sort of! Well, I wasn't as addicted as before. But let's see when the schedule changed. …


I hate it when I couldn't take my eyes off someone. Be it a random stand by or someone who's sitting/standing across me on the train. Haha I end up staring at people and those people end up looking at me with that "What the f*ck are you looking at" look. :-& Embarassing, I know. I'm trying to stop doing that but there are times when I just couldn't! LOL

I love people watching. One of the reasons why I love hanging out at coffee shops (alone) or sitting by the window when travelling is because I get to watch people. And you know what's funny, I recognize people's faces easily. I can tell if that person is someone I happened to be with on the same train, or someone who was falling in line in a fastfood chain I often buy at. And of course you guys know how much of an online person I am. I love blog hopping and cyberstalking. ;)) And sometimes, I recognize people's faces because I saw their pictures with someone on the net. HAHA! Am I weird or what…

Haru Haru

I sure know how to break a promise. Ha. Ha. After saying that I would be updating in the next few days on my last entry, I updated weeks after! Wow. HAHA. :-)

I finally have something to blog about. I bought three books. this week. Remember when I blogged about Santa Montefiore's The Gypsy Madonna? Well I bought another book of hers and as what I expected, she did not disappoint me. I have read three of her works already and I think this book, The French Gardener, is the best among the three! The novel made me want to own a garden! Haha! I love all the characters in the novel. There are actually lots of characters in her novels, but each character stands out in their own unique quality and you will remember them for sure! I cannot wait to get a copy of The Italian Matchmaker. Powerbooks said they might have the paperback next month since it was released just a few weeks ago.

And also, I have finally bought book 1 of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I love it! Greg makes me laugh. I was readi…