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Whaaat up?

It's just right to post something here before November ends right? Ha Ha. I know for sure that is entry is going to be a random one. I'd type whatever comes in mind just for the sake of upating this blog.

Sooo. I can't believe that I'm working for almost 6months already. It just goes to show that I love working here (I'm in the office, btw. lol) and I love the people I work with. I didn't realize that I've been working for that long. Not that 6 months is a long time already, but you know what I mean, right? :) It's gon be December in less than 24 hours, I started June 22 so 6 months right? Woot! And because It's December already, time for new schedule! I'd be in 6AM-3PM shift, which is my fave shift! I can finally go out with my friends again.YAY!

I miss posting a lot of pics in my blog! Ha. Ha. As you may have noticed (or not), I haven't been posting pictures as much as I used to. In my old blog, I used to update with pictures in it. I miss i…

Merry Christmas! :-)

I miss Mindoro. :( I was so upset last week because I wasn't able to go home for All Saint's and Soul's Day. This year is the first time that I wasn't able to visit the cemetery. I blame it all to Santi. Everything was set already. Me and Kuya Kenneth were supposed to meet up at Buendia at 4PM-ish last October 30 but we were told that there were no trips to Mindoro.

The last time I was home was last March, so it's been what? 8 months? Tagal na. Sobra! I used to go home once every two months when I was still in college, so sobrang nakakapanibo na hindi ako nakauwi for such a long time! I miss my friends who are in Mindoro. We haven't seen each other for almost a year na. I can just imagine how long our kwentuhan will be when we see each other.

Anyway, I'm here at work right now. 9PM-6AM schedule ko for the whole month of November. Some of my friends and some relatives are suggesting na lumipat na ako ng work kase the pay isn't that good. Pero ako, ayoko na…