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Shortie, Quickie.

Wow. I'm totally neglecting my blogspot now. HAHA! So. let's make this quick and short.

I'm excited for Wednesday. My father's going home! YAY!

I've been really happy these past few days. Really. I'm loving my work and workmates even more. :)

I don't think I can buy a new phone by January. I can't stop myself from buying every little things that catch my attention.

I bought a new perfume. HAHA. If I only I had known that my mother's sending me one, I wouldn't have bought a perf. Oh wells, I'm loving the scent of Lacoste's Touch of Pink so okay na din.

My Tita's sending me my fave perfume! I think she's sending me two. WAHA. Clinique Happy Heart, namimiss na kita ng sobra. We'll be together again soon. January to be a little more exact. :P

What else? Oh, I have a fever right now. My throat hurts. I went home early from work kanina. I hope I'd be feeling okay na tomorrow. I don't want to miss work. :-|

Oh, remember when I post…