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First in 2010

Change is inevitable.One of my professors in college loves saying that. My 2009 was filled with changes. I welcomed some of those changes with open arms because I know that those changes are for the better. There are some changes though that I didn`t really like and wished that they just stayed the way they were before. Mmkay. So I`ll try to talk about these changes one by one.

First, of course, I`m working already. Ha. Ha. Now, this change is one of those which I love and totally for the better right? I am so glad and blessed that my first officemates are so nice, they didn't let me feel left out since day 1.Of course you can't be friends with everyone naman, but based on some kwentos I've heard from some friends, I really think I've hit the jackpot when it comes to officemates. :)). I don't really like what I'm doing anymore, but because I have awesome officemates, I keep on going.

Second, after five years of not living together, me and my siblings are back …