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Why hello blog.

I wasn't able to make my own layout because 1.) I don't know what to do and 2.) I am just too lazy to think. I think I'm gonna stick with this layout for now. So, update update! Finally, after months and months of not seeing each other, me and some of my college friends finally met up again. Wow. I didn't know that setting up a mini reunion would be that challenging. lol When I was still a student, I've always believed that setting up a get together would be easy as long as every one is willing. Well, I was wrong. It's really really not easy to gather everyone up becuase our schedule doesn't meet. Our mini reunion was planned for more than a month. Some of those who confirmed were not able to come due to unexpected circumstances, so it's really frustrating somehow. Although there were just nine of us, it was so much fun. I hope the next get together won't take so long. Here are some of the pictures! April 23, we went to my cousins' gradaution p…

Half what?

So I finally found a new template. YEY for me. Last month, I was thinking of making a layout for myself, yknow, just like the old days. Unfortunately I did not come up with one. Ha. Ha. I was half lazy and half busy that's why. But thank goodness I found this layout. You know me, anything pink, I def like!

So update update! I cannot believe that two months from now, I will be celebrating my first year here in Philweb. Wow. I didn't think that I'd last for a year in this company.

Shit. I just don't feel like blogging anymore. HAHA! Will update real soon! I promise! :)