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What happened to us?

For almost 6 months, I distanced my self from some of my friends. It was hard for me, because being with them is always like a party. When I'm with them, it's always fun and happy. I always look forward to meeting up with them.

Reality check - friendship or any other relationships tend to face hardships, misunderstadings and such.. We already kind of went through one few years back, but it didn't last this long and not this serious. It all started last August. I thought and hoped that given some time, everything and everyone would cool down. Apparently, that didn't happen. In fact, it became worse. There used to be just one issue, now there are two.. Or more.

One of those friends celebrated her birthday few days ago. I sent her a text message and greeted her on Facebook, too. She replied to my wall post and I realized that I am missing them so much. My eyes started tearing eup upon reading her reply. :( So I decided that distancing myself from them is enough.

I went back …

Too much whaaat?

I use public transportation a LOT. And being a commuter, I get to see/observe so many things. One of the eyesores in public transportation, in my opinion, is Public Display of Affection. I mean, it's okay to show your affection towards the person you love.. But please, please don't make it 'too affectionate'. There are couples who show too much affection, it even makes me wanna barf sometimes.

If you're in a vacation spot, in your car, in your house, or anywhere private.. go be all sweety-lovey-dovey all you want. Didn't they realize that what they are doing distract the other commuters? Don't they notice that almost all eyes are on them? There are sweetness that make you wanna go "Awww" but there those that make you wanna go all "Ewwwwwww". How I wish they know when and where to be like that.

Let me tell you what I consider as the worst jeepney-pda-encounter. Of course, there's a boy and a girl. The girl was so clingy, it looked like …

So which part?

I have been contemplating about looking for a new job for some time now. I already know what it's like working in a call center, and that alone is a reason for me look for a new job. When I was just about to graduate, my mom and one of my titas would always warn me not to apply in a call center. Well, apparently, I did not listen to them. Heehee. I told them that I really wanted to work in a call center, even for just 6 months.

Why do people stay in a company anyway? Love for the job? Dedication to the company? Friends they made? The pay is good? What else?

Love for the job. I can't really say that I love what I am doing. There are times when i enjoy it, but lately.. Lately I just feel so tired of doing/saying the same things. It's just too repetitive for me now. I always feel sleepy at work, I don't look forward to taking calls.. There are times when I just really don't want to work.

Dedication to the company. I can say that working for this company is something that…