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So which part?

I have been contemplating about looking for a new job for some time now. I already know what it's like working in a call center, and that alone is a reason for me look for a new job. When I was just about to graduate, my mom and one of my titas would always warn me not to apply in a call center. Well, apparently, I did not listen to them. Heehee. I told them that I really wanted to work in a call center, even for just 6 months.

Why do people stay in a company anyway? Love for the job? Dedication to the company? Friends they made? The pay is good? What else?

Love for the job. I can't really say that I love what I am doing. There are times when i enjoy it, but lately.. Lately I just feel so tired of doing/saying the same things. It's just too repetitive for me now. I always feel sleepy at work, I don't look forward to taking calls.. There are times when I just really don't want to work.

Dedication to the company. I can say that working for this company is something that I will always be thankful of. But honestly, I don't think almost 11 months is enough for me to be THAT dedicated and loyal to the company. I will always be thankful and proud of the company, I know how hardworking and good the people behind it are, but you knoww.. I just feel like I am not dedicated enough. :-/

Friends I made. This is probably surely one of the main reasons why I am still having second thoughts on looking for a new job. I am so thankful that my officemates are nice. I may not be real close with everyone, but they are all so nice. Even people from other departments are nice, there are even some that I am friends with. I get scared of the thought of starting in a new company - without any friends. lol

It pays good. Uh-oh. This doesn't apply to me HAHA! One of the reasons why I want to look for a new job is because of the salary. It doesn't pay good, yknow. I want to save, but with my salary, I don't think I will be able to. My take home pay is just enough for my daily expenses and little luxuries. lol.

I still don't know. I'm confused. Should I stay or not? Part of me says stay, part of me says no. Hay.


Aryan said…
Well, it's really difficult deciding when you're in a bit of a jam. But based on my experience, I always quit when I'm not happy anymore. It's hard getting up from bed when you think "HAY WORK NA NAMAN".. haha. Love for the job is very important. So, if it doesn't make you happy anymore, why stay? You're single, you have no responsibilities (like a family, yet). You can still have a job worthy of your loyalty and that will make you happy even if you're tired. :p
after all, you can still be friends with your office mates outside no? heheh!
Krisha said…
The "friends" bit has always been the main reason for me not resigning from any jobs that Ive had.

Thing is, even if you don't really enjoy what you do 100%, if the people around you are nice and you've made friends with them, then it makes your job way easier true?

Imagine the other way sis, you loving your job but everyone else around you is making you feel miserable..

Its a tough choice, but it comes with being an adult. See how you feel a bit more.. :)

Good luck
iSHMOi said…
Aryan - "Hay work na naman" HAHA. Palagi akong ganyan. Like kakatapos lang ng rest day ko, hinihintay ko na naman na matapos ang isang linggo. I'm going decide when I turn a year old in the company. Next month na yun. lol. Thanks!

Krisha - Super tough decision talaga. :-/ Yes, its true, because of the people around me the job seems bearable and fun. Yun na lang din iniisip ko. Hay. Good luck to me. lol. Thanks!
Frances said…
I've always wondered how it feels like to work in a call center... but I never wanted to have the night shift, if ever. Haha!

Though I have no experiences on having "serious" jobs but somehow, I can still relate... I think you have to go to somewhere you can express your creativity, where you can say that you love what you're doing, and what you learned in college and besides, if you want, look for a job na mas malaki ang sweldo (PWAHAHAHA). Your friends in the company will always be there naman eh :D Malay mo, fun din yung mga officemates mo sa lilipatan mo, dabah? Haha!

Still, I'm not saying na dapat lumipat ka na. The final decision is still yours ;) Good luck, Ate Ishna!
heyjay said…
don't quit yet but look for a job na while still there. mahirap maging unemployed. well, ikaw hindi kasi prinsesa ka eh. hehehe
iSHMOi said…
Frances - Ako naman gusto kong maexperience yung night shift! I wanted to see kung kaya ko ba talaga yung ganong shift. =)) Ad YES. Kelangang ng malaking sweldo puahaha! Thanks, Frances. :D

JAY - I miss being unemployed. =)) Yun nga lang walang pera. Hay. Wish ko lang prinsesa ako no?! :))
[ k r y k ] said…
ishnaaaaaaa, :D welcome back!
ang tagal na rin ahh. hehe. ^.^

anyway, at least may work ka nga ehh.
but if hindi ka na enjoy siguro nga time to look for another job. :D

good Luck!
iSHMOi said…
Kyrk, I know I know. It'e been too long. But I am so back! =))

mapi said…
Hi Ishna! Of course I still remember you. :]

Anyway about your post.
My first job was a disaster. It's a call center and because it was my first job I got tricked. When I transferred to a different company which is HSBC that's the only time that I found out that may taxes went to a totally different person for 1 and 2 months! Anyway, I'm happy with my current job and company because

one - It's a local account. I get to serve Filipino people rather than stupid americans. I live a normal life and have social activities unlike night shift where all my extra time goes to sleep and I still feel heavy and tired. Don't even dare to try it. It's not worth it. You get extra pay because of night differential but when you get sick, it's big time.

two - Even if it's a local account I get paid well!

three - HSBC is the best place to work. I'm not bragging but it's super uber nice! Outings are company paid, lots of social activities like gawad kalinga, teaching kids then parties. Lot's of freebies. Dressdown all year long. No dresscode policy. Really good benefits like 14 month pay and free health card for you and the dependents.

four - The people are so nice. They work for an international company. As of the moment HSBC is the number one international bank and they're are so humble.

So there are my reasons. Sorry long comment. x]]
iSHMOi said…
Hi Mapi! We handle local account, too. Wow. You're lucky, you sound so happy sa present work mo. Good for you.

Well, actually, yung pay naman sa amin is okay na din. Siguro magastos lang talaga ako =)) Kase yung iba kong officemates may anak and nakakapagsave pa sila. :D:D
Anonymous said…
Mahirap talaga yan. Kung masaaya ka sa mga katrabaho mo, mahihirapan ka talagang umalis. Pero kailangan din maging practical, its not always about the present. You may be happy with your present coworkers, but as you said, you can't save.. Savings is important lalo na kung may emergencies. I believe na kahit saan ka pumunta, there will always be people whom you're gonna get close to and there will always be those who you won't get along too well. But its still up to you.
iSHMOi said…

Yun nga eh. Sung pagsesave yung concern ko din. I want to saaaaaave!!!! =))

Sana nilagay mo name and/or link mo diba? Who are yaaa. Thanks!

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