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Too much whaaat?

I use public transportation a LOT. And being a commuter, I get to see/observe so many things. One of the eyesores in public transportation, in my opinion, is Public Display of Affection. I mean, it's okay to show your affection towards the person you love.. But please, please don't make it 'too affectionate'. There are couples who show too much affection, it even makes me wanna barf sometimes.

If you're in a vacation spot, in your car, in your house, or anywhere private.. go be all sweety-lovey-dovey all you want. Didn't they realize that what they are doing distract the other commuters? Don't they notice that almost all eyes are on them? There are sweetness that make you wanna go "Awww" but there those that make you wanna go all "Ewwwwwww". How I wish they know when and where to be like that.

Let me tell you what I consider as the worst jeepney-pda-encounter. Of course, there's a boy and a girl. The girl was so clingy, it looked like she was glued to her boyfriend. They would kiss like every time their eyes met. It's okay to kiss. Kiss all you want. But not in an almost jam-packed jeepney, not every 3 minutes. Isn't that super clingy hug enough? Couldn't they wait to get off the jeep and do their thing somewhere else? And the girl baby talks!!!! Tsss. They're not even a good looking couple (lol, how mean). But you know, my point is.. I just hope they know how to respect the other passengers of the jeep. They were very, very distracting.

Now don't get me started with the couple I was with in the FX last night and made me write this entry. :-X

Am i too pakialamera? Is it normal to react this way, or I'm just like this because I do not have a boyfriend and I don't understand? But nooo. I think there are really couples who shows too much affection. *vomits


Krisha said…
HAHHAHAHAH natawa ako doon sa vomits LOL, yes it is actually quite disturbing to witness to much PDA, its not just you sis.

Nakakasuka talaga, it comes to the point where ikaw ba yung nahihiya and who feels uncomfortable. Next time tell them to get a room :D

o kaya, stare at them to the point na they would notice and kapag sinita ka sabihin mo, ay ayaw niyo panoodin kayo ng mga tao? Kala ko may show kayo eh HAHHAHA
krisXO said…
haha yes, i agree with you! some are just really too much.
Katerina Bianca said…
hahaha. i totally agree sis! its true that philippines is a democratic country but it has limitations... and being PDA is one of them.hahahha
Aryan said…
i love PDA. not. hahahah! well totoo sinabi mo, nakakainis sila, to the point na nakakasuka na minsan.

well, hindi naman ako ganon ka distubed when it comes to public display of affection, kasi dito, wherever you go, palaging may nagkikiss :P as in torrid kiss. sanayan lang talaga. sometimes when i walk, makakakita ako ng nagkikiss sa sidewalk, or titigil sa gitna ng daan just to kiss. then meron pang nagnenecking na sa gilid ng clothes shop :p haha. so, in a way, it always depends where you are, or how you grew up.

ay, meron din sa mga almost secluded parks na nagsesex. oha oha. almost secluded, kasi may nakakakita pa rin, (eg kami ng mga friends ko haha). ay eto kwento galore ako.. yesterday, we were at a birthday party, some of my friends na lalaki were narrating that one of our friends daw na lalaki din was having sex with a girl sa isang bahay tapos nakikita nilang lahat.. as in pinapanood nila. and they're all pinoys ha. then all of a sudden, dumating ung girl. hahaha. talk about awkward :p

so ayun. lesson is: sana ilagay sa lugar. hahaha. ang dyahe lang talaga if sa jeep nagmemake out. :))
iSHMOi said…
KRISHA - Exactlyyy! Sobrang uncomfortable talaga. Lalo na kapag may kasabay din sa jeep na matanda at kids! Wahahha.

KHRIS - Diba? Sana naman ilagay nila sa lugar. :|

BIANCA - Oo naman. And to think na hindi naman tanggap culturally talaga yung ganon. I mean, sabi nga ni Aryan, depends on where you are. Pero kase. Sa jeeeep?? lol

ARYAN - Mismo! Haha! Given na yun dyan sa Europe eh. Or sa ibang western countries diba? It's accepted na. Pero nasa Pinas pa din kase. At nasa JEEP!! =))

O diba. Since andyan naman sa Italy, hindi naman na ganon ka big deal yun lo. Pero yung nangyari sa friend nyo. wow lang. HAHA!!
heyjay said…
bitter ka lang :p
iSHMOi said…
Hindi kaya, Jay! Hahahhaha
Alex said…
Ugh! I know what you mean ate!

LOL @ the aawww and eeeww sweetness. SO TRUE!
krinGALING said…
HAHA! Di ka pakialamera, Ish. These people just generate too much attention =)))

Theory ko sa couple na nakita mo sa jeepney is... they're a brand-new couple. Mga 2 months old na relationship. HAHA! Dapat binigyan mo ng pera tas sabi mo "O ayan, pang motel" sabay para. HAHAHA
iSHMOi said…
Alex - Diba? Dibaaaa? Wahaha!

Kring - Natawa naman ako at may theory ka pa =))
Angie said…
I totally agree. One time nasa MRT ako tapos meron akong nakasabay na couple the girl is pregnant tapos super PDA sila. Ewwwwwww talaga.
kikilabotz said…
hahaha. baka sweet lang sila sa isat isa. puikit para hnd makita. ahaha. joke
kikilabotz said…
hahaha. baka sweet lang sila sa isat isa. puikit para hnd makita. ahaha. joke
mapi said…
Sabihin mo sa kanila, mag motel nalang kung di na mapigilan kasi nakaka ilang at tama ka nakakadiri na pag sobra!

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