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What happened to us?

For almost 6 months, I distanced my self from some of my friends. It was hard for me, because being with them is always like a party. When I'm with them, it's always fun and happy. I always look forward to meeting up with them.

Reality check - friendship or any other relationships tend to face hardships, misunderstadings and such.. We already kind of went through one few years back, but it didn't last this long and not this serious. It all started last August. I thought and hoped that given some time, everything and everyone would cool down. Apparently, that didn't happen. In fact, it became worse. There used to be just one issue, now there are two.. Or more.

One of those friends celebrated her birthday few days ago. I sent her a text message and greeted her on Facebook, too. She replied to my wall post and I realized that I am missing them so much. My eyes started tearing eup upon reading her reply. :( So I decided that distancing myself from them is enough.

I went back to Twitter, I know I can catch up with them through that. I was feeling happy because I finally get to talk to them, even on twitter lang. But then I found out that aside from the misunderstanding last August, there is a new one. It's sad that we haven't settled the previous misunderstanding yet, and there's this new one already. *sigh

I miss the old times. I miss those times when we used to hang out every week, take lots of pictures, drink buckets of beer and eat lots of food. I am hoping that one day, they will all feel ready to sit down and talk. I miss all of them!


heyjay said…
if i remember correctly, you almost never drank beer when we went out. :)

on a more serious note, i understand why you distanced yourself. i really do. i don't know why it all happened either. maybe we're all to blame. the only thing that we can do is accept what has happened and move on.
iSHMOi said…
Umiinom ako ng beer kapag magkakasama tayo no. Pero hindi madami. =))

Well maybe it really has to happen.If you guys want to move on already, I can't do anything about it. Pero I am still hoping na magkakaayos lahat! :D Haha
Frances said…
May I ask, why did you distance yourself from them if it was one of the things that makes you happy?

I happy, though, for you that you have done some "catching up" with them these few days :D Maybe you just need some excursion or out-of-town trips to just bond or relax just before the summer season sets!
heyjay said…
i think mahirap magkaayos LAHAT pero there is still hope for some.
iSHMOi said…
Frances - Too much drama, lol. I went out with them naman even after the fall out. masaya din naman, pero syempre mas masaya and different nung buo kami. Yung madami. :|

Jay - I knoooow. :) Sa situation ngayon, mukhang mahirap talaga. But at leeeast! haha
[ k r y k ] said…
yay ishnaaa this is sad. T_T
im hoping magka-ayos rin kayo soon.

im very fortunately i haven't experience this kind of situation at wag sana! :D
i love my friends and for sure just like what you have said mahirap pag nag iba na yung samahan. :)

kahit masaya kayo parang kulang di ba? Ü

i hope everything will be okay. :D

chill! <3
heyjay said…
aminin na natin na meron talagang mga bagay na mas magandang hindi na maayos.

Sabi nga nila, "trust is like a mirror, u can fix it if its broke, but u can still see the crack on that mother fucker's reflection."

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