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Today marks my one year in the company, but few days from today, I'd be officially jobless again. I submitted my resignation a day after my birthday. I decided to resign because I'm not happy with what I'm doing any more. I've reached the point where I'd make excuses so that I could miss work. I know that it's best for me to resign. Getting terminated because of absences is not part of my plan, lol. Well, yeah, I'd be back to my bum life again -- which I'm missing terribly, btw. Looking forward to waking up at any time that I want!
My last day at work will be on the 28th. On my way home from work a while ago, it finally sank in. I am resigning in few days and I'm getting sad already. I'm going to miss my officemates/friends so much. They've all been so good to me. I feel so welcomed and loved there. I'm going to miss our kulitan, the sigawan, the tawanan. Everything. :(
When I was just starting there, I decided not to open up so much t…


Decision making is always a hard thing for me to do. I'm not really a strong person, so deciding on something major really is real challenge. I tend to chicken out, so I end up not making a decision and just let things be. Weighing pros and cons, trying to see what my decision would cause, considering people that might get affected with the possible decision I would make. Haay. I usually end up making spur of the moment decisions or make decisions based on other people's choices.
I already made a decision about something. I'm scared, nervous but also excited.
I actually have a lot to blog but I've been so busy.
I'm turning 23 in few days! Wow. I'm getting old. :)