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I figured that my blog looks so sad without pictures, so I decided to make an entry with some. It's been ages since I last updated with pictures, I miss it! I used to update like this everytime! So here it goes.

These pictures were taken last July 16, during Brian's birthday celebration. It was held at ATV Resort in Mindanao Ave.
Picture 1. ) Me with birthday boy, (girl?lol) Brian.
Picture 2. ) With The Chesa Team. Brian, well actually most of my friends, have this fascination with Chesa. lol. We talk about Chesa, make up chesa products. Basta it's crazy. :))
Picture 3. ) One of the games during the party was Paint the Picture not really sure what they called it). So the mechanics is that the hosts would pick a theme or situation and the two teams would make a tableau of the said situation. On the picture the situation was Love Making. Hahahaha. It was hilarrrious. Good thing we're all 'girls' on the team.
Picture 4. ) Brian's pretty birthday cake!

One day I was …

And so I'm back.

Hey, hey! So I finally managed to 'try' blogging. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I hope I finish this entry. lol
So I'm jobless once again. Not something to be proud of, but I'm just saying. For the past year, I have been sleep deprived and I missed out on a lot of gatherings. I am currently enjoying my free time. I sleep a lot. I don't even go online so much, I rather sleep or just stay in bed. I don't regret resigning. I am loving it to bits! A former officemate was teasing me that I miss someone from the office, but I told him that I do not miss anyone there just yet. I think I love being able to fully rest and relax so much that I don't even have time to miss anyone.
In relation with this, I attended this job interview few days ago and it went well. The salary offer isn't appealing but the perks of the work are! Plus I love where the office is! I can't make up my mind. I want to work already because Forever 21 just opened (I'm telling m…