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Bad Romance

Sooo. I went to this job interview the other day and I am pretty sure that I messed up. While the interviewer was telling me things about the company, I couldn't help but yawn. It's not that what she was saying was boring, I just didn't get enough sleep. To be honest, I did not even sleep the night before. The interview was held at 2PM and I was awake for almost 36 hours that time. I don't even remember clearly the things I said there! lol. How am I gonna get a job if I show up in an interview like that. Sheesh.
On other news, I'm so happy that my sister's laptop is okay now. Good thing the only problem was the charger. I brought the laptop at Acer Service Center in Otis to have it checked. I was told that I have nothing to worry about because its working fine and is still in a very good condition. Dapat lang, its still new, not even a year old. The charger is almost P1,100. I was honestly expecting it to be more expensive, but thank goodness it isn't. And…

Better Together

I have been slacking off relaxing for more than a month now but I still feel like I need more time to bum rest some more. Yes, I miss looking forward to paydays, but I don't miss waking up early just to make it on time for work. I'm thankful that my parents aren't driving me to find a new job already. I know I have to look for a job soon, I cannot continue living like this for a long time or else nothing good is going to ever happen to me.
I have decided though that I want to work abroad. Not in a year, but I wish to leave the country before I turn 26. I'm 23, btw. My Titas and Lolo in Canada have been trying to convince me to live and work with them ever since I could remember. I finally told myself that I should go there and earn a lot of money! I told my Mom about this and she's happy that I finally decided about that.
What else? Hmm. I visited my old blog and clicked the blogs that I used to visit. I'm so glad my old blog list is still there. I miss hard…

I will,too!

We attended this wedding in Bauan, Batangas yesterday and it got me thinking.. Kelan kaya ako mag aasawa? lmao. I know that it's not gonna be in the near future, because apparently I still do not have someone to marry. But I sure do want to get married, I will get married someday!
When I get married, I want everything to be perfect (who doesn't want it to be, anyway)! Although pink is my favorite color, I don't think I want it to be the color of my wedding. See the color of my dress? I think I want that color. It's bright and I love it. I don't like a long wedding dress. I want it to be just knee length, but I want a long pretty veil. I don't want my hair tied up, too. I think I look best with my hair down. HAHA!! I want a pretty church. I want the reception to be held somewhere which has a very nature-y feel.
And of course, I want gorgeous, pretty pre nup and wedding pictures!!!! :))
Wow. Thinking about marriage. I think I'm really getting old. I have to fi…


That's Jem, Apple and me. After years of planning and postponing, I finally got the chance to meet them in person!
I got to know them when I was still blogging here. You know how some bloggers leave comments so you'll visit and comment on their blogs, too? Well, they weren't like that when we were still active in the blogging world. And because of that, I learned to really like them. I can feel their sincerity whenever they comment on my posts.
We became friends on Multiply, then on Plurk, Facebook and Twitter. We have been planning to meet up since last year. We called it Project 2009, but apparently, it did not happen last year. Well, Jem and Apple are already hanging out because they're both from Dagupan. So it's just me who's missing in action. LOL.
Then finally, it finally happened. Yesterday, we finally met up. I watched salt with Apple, then we met up with Jem after the movie. We talked about random things. From the movie Salt to Hongkong, to rollercoaste…