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Bad Romance

Sooo. I went to this job interview the other day and I am pretty sure that I messed up. While the interviewer was telling me things about the company, I couldn't help but yawn. It's not that what she was saying was boring, I just didn't get enough sleep. To be honest, I did not even sleep the night before. The interview was held at 2PM and I was awake for almost 36 hours that time. I don't even remember clearly the things I said there! lol. How am I gonna get a job if I show up in an interview like that. Sheesh.

On other news, I'm so happy that my sister's laptop is okay now. Good thing the only problem was the charger. I brought the laptop at Acer Service Center in Otis to have it checked. I was told that I have nothing to worry about because its working fine and is still in a very good condition. Dapat lang, its still new, not even a year old. The charger is almost P1,100. I was honestly expecting it to be more expensive, but thank goodness it isn't. And finally my laptop can have more more rest time! :))

Since I was already in Otis, I decided to take a peek at Robinson's Otis. There's really nothing much to see. Just some restaurants and the supermarket. I stayed at Starbucks for while because it suddenly rained.

Yes, it's not my name but, it's my frappe! I usually give a different name because I do not like repeating my name over and over again to some baristas. My name is often misheard. So for the baristas and my sake, I just tell them that my name is Kaye or May.

I do not usually like blogging the current issues/events (like Quirino Grandstand Hostage Drama, Elections, etc), but I cannot not say something about Venus Raj! I am so happy that she did so well. Yes, it would have been really REALLY great if she had won the crown, but hey you guys! She's on the top 5! That is something MAJOR already! I am really really so happy for her, so proud of her. I love how Venus Raj and Major major were trending in twitter for hours! And watch the video. This made my day!


nhix said…
hi ishna.. patambay po..
sana di nakita nung interviewer na nagyawn ka.. hehe
nakakainis yung nangyari sa grandstand.. dapat nagpakitang gilas ang mga police pero haayz.. anyways ganda nga ng nangyari sa ms. universe.. eventhough she only got the 4th runner up atleast nakapasok pa rin sa top 5.. after 11 years..
heyjay said…
oh geez. am i the only one who does not have a job? i'm such a loser!
ishna said…
NHIX - I am so sure the interviewer saw me yawning! HAHA!!

JAY - Wala pa din akong new work. I'm still with youu! lol
melle lee said…
job interviews can be so boring right? especially when you have to wait for your turn to be interviewed and you havent gotten any sleep the night before.. lol

speakin of starbucks.. one time, there was this guy who told the barista that his name was dao ming si.. lol so everyone was like- what the f?

boo to the hostage thing.. my fellow people was killed.. jk.. no one's to be blamed.. in every country, things like this happens
heyjay said…
well, at least you're looking for work. me, wala na akong gana. My life is such a waste. *emo mode*
mapi said…
with regards to starbucks, mag iiskandalo talaga nako dun kasi ilang beses na nilang nakukuha ng mali yung pangalan ko. ang nakakainis pa, iniispell out ko pa ah. ang layo. badtrip. M - A - P - I. anu kaya mahirap dun. bwisit sila.
ishna said…
Melle -I agree! It can really be boring. lol. Especially for someone like me who didn't get any sleep the night before.

Jay - Hirap maghanap ng bagong trabaho. I don't know what I want to do! :))

Mapi - Nako. Sinabi mo pa. Kaya ako. 'Kaye' na lang. Yun nga lang, minsan nagkakamali pa din. There was this one time that the barista wrote "KEY" instead of "Kaye" lol
Jag said…
ROFL to the vid....
Major major evening na jan!

I saw that Ytube vid yesterday and I thougt it's lili lili funny (as Ryan would say).

RE: interview, we interviewed a nurse applicant the other day, and i could nt stop giggling kc ba naman my kulangot. Shame... very trendy pa naman tapos yun, may major major kulangot
Joisu said…
Awww sis, dat' doesn't sounds good but who knows, They myt still lyk u and call u for the JOB, dat would be great (: Good luck! Hope u`lL get the job

haha, I lyk da idea of having a different names, LOL! I love the name "Kaye" :)
[ k r y k ] said…
ishnaaaaaaaaa, im back! ;]]

haha. Ü natuloy ka palang mag resign dun sa work mo.
weee. good luck!
you'll get new job soon. Ü

when i go to starbucks they always misspelled my name.
either kirk or tirk whatever haha :]]
never naging KRYK
minsan i also use Kaye haha :D
that's simplest way kasi since my name starts with letter k lol.
fmvl23 said…
Starbucks baristas can't spell my name forever =)) Minsan, Francis, Princess. ANO NA. So I just tell them some random names I could think of xD

That video is so epic. Umiyak pa yung isa eh no. Hahaha.

And btw, good luck in getting a new job ;)
ishna said…
JAG - I know, right?? Their reaction was epic! :))

KRIS - Aww. I LOVE Ryan Bang!! He's my favorite housemate EVARR! Nako. wag naman sana mangyari saken yung nangyari sa ininterview nyo. Kakahiya yown! lol

JHOICE - Thanks! I doubt if they'd still call me after my messed up interview. lol Kaye is a simple name but there are times when they still get it wrong. lol
ishna said…
KYRK - Yep. Nagresign na talaga ako. lol. Thank you. Sana nga makahanap na din ulet ako ng work. :) Anddd. Welcome back! =)

FRANCES - Diba, badtrip kapag paulit ulit ka na tapos they still write a wrong name. Kaya dun na lang ako sa Kaye or May or sometimes I go by the name April! Haha
Angie said…
Hello Kaye, lol. For now on I am going to call you Kaye. I haven't tried giving other names other than mine, I don't know maybe I just love my own name the way it is. I think I need to experience that one before the year ends, hahaha.

Grabe, buti na lang hindi ako dumaan sa ganyang interview. Pasok ako agad sa banga kasi naman ALma Mater ko yung nag-absorb sa akin kaya for formality sake na lang yung mga ginawa ko dun.
Alex said…
HAHAHAHA! Benta rin saken yang vid na yan.

I know how it feels when you've been awake for almost 2 straight days...not exactly the best feeling! Daig mo pa naka drugs.

I have a friend Tracy name nya tuwing pupunta kami ng Starbucks lagi mali mali sulat... may "Kraze" "Grace" "Jesse" HAHAHA!

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