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Go Away

Hey, you! Noticed something? Or not? Well, if you did not notice, I changed my blog design. I kind of like it. this will do. For now. It's been a while since I last put my face on my header. I think my new blog design represented my blog name well. Everything Colorful.
I was doing the groceries few days ago when I saw Booksale at SM San Lazaro. It's been a while since I last bought something there so I decided to drop by and look for something to buy. The last book I read was Eat, Pray, Love which was a month ago. I bought three books and I already started reading April And The Dragon Lady. Booksale really is the best! Anyway, those are some of the books I own. I brought the others back in Mindoro the last time I went home. The others are.. I don't know. Lol. I didn't mind lending books, but that's not how it is anymore. I feel bad that some of my books were not returned to me. Especially my Princess Diaries series. :( I bought that as a gift to myself when I gradua…

Clap Your Hands

Hey you guys! I know I haven't been updating and visiting once again. Blame it to my KPOP addiction. I'm on tumblr, dramasub or dramacrazy most of the time, so yeah. I'm feeding my K-obsession even more these days. Before you raise your brow there and think that I do not do anything productive at all, well I tell you.. I do have something that keeps me productive. Aside from managing the expenses at home (which, btw, is so hard to do. Ugh), I, also, am still writing for this online community that I mentioned few blogs ago. So far, i already earned 4K+. I started August 11 and I think it's not bad. I even feel that if I seriously do it and allot at least 5 hours a day for writing, I'm going to earn a good amount of money. But my it's also hard working at home. I am always tempted to watch some drama online. Pfffttt.
So anyway, as part of my Ate duty, I went to Kiara's school few days ago to get her report card. Her grades aren't exceptional but her advise…

The Face Shop

I bought new colors yesterday! I wanted to buy three more but I decided not to. I just got my nails done few days ago, they still look pretty, not chipped at all, but I already want to re-do it. I'm so excited to use my new polishes. lmao.
Why am I so lazy to blog again? Oh. I'm actually not lazy. I just have nothing to blog. -_-

Hey, B!

Wow. Time flies so fast. It's September already. I can smell Christmas now! Hello Christmas shopping, hello bankruptcy! I'm thinking of making a wishlist, but I think it's too early for now.
Sooo. I've been spending a lot of time on tumblr again. I missed tumblr so much! I'm fangirling there most of the time! I left twitter for now. The other day, I forgot that I was trying to stay away from twitter and I replied to my former officemate's tweet. lol. So, since I left twitter, I kind of went back on Plurk. Ha! Wala lang. Plurk is so silent now. There used to be A LOT of people there. What else?
I don't really have anything to blog. My life is boring lately. I'm mostly reading stuff online, writing some articles, watching Asian dramas, sleeping. The usual..
Oh. And since I won't be able to go with my friends in Ilocos, I'm thinking of using the money to buy a new phone. I really like the pink one! My cousin got a C3 phone and she says it awesome. I…