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Hey you guys! I know I haven't been updating and visiting once again. Blame it to my KPOP addiction. I'm on tumblr, dramasub or dramacrazy most of the time, so yeah. I'm feeding my K-obsession even more these days. Before you raise your brow there and think that I do not do anything productive at all, well I tell you.. I do have something that keeps me productive. Aside from managing the expenses at home (which, btw, is so hard to do. Ugh), I, also, am still writing for this online community that I mentioned few blogs ago. So far, i already earned 4K+. I started August 11 and I think it's not bad. I even feel that if I seriously do it and allot at least 5 hours a day for writing, I'm going to earn a good amount of money. But my it's also hard working at home. I am always tempted to watch some drama online. Pfffttt.

So anyway, as part of my Ate duty, I went to Kiara's school few days ago to get her report card. Her grades aren't exceptional but her adviser told me that she's doing great for a transfer student. I half smiled because she transferred last year and the teacher was talking to me as if Kiara transferred just this year. I'm happy for Kiara because she has a lot of friends in LaCo. I can see that she's enjoying there so much. But you know, I'm kinda wooried because she is being more and more maarte by the minute. lol.

Me || Me|| Me
So this is how I looked like when I went to Kiara's grade giving day. I just wanted to dress up a little because I'm always at home. Wearing big shirts or tank top + shorts, no comb hair or messy bun. I miss going out and dressing up. One thing I miss the most about work is the dressing up part.

That's the happy and satisfied me || Empty Pasta and Chicken Boxes || Empty Pizza Box
For tonight, we had Yellow Cab for dinner. We just love their pizza and chicken alfredo like that. Actually, I wanted to eat somewhere else, for a change, but I didn't win over my siblings. They wanted to eat there. Like, always. :-s. In foods, we're like that. We tend to get addicted to this certain food for some time. We eat that, and just that until we get tired of it and eventually find other food too get addicted to. Like at home, it was pancakes few weeks ago. We ate pancakes for breakfast and merienda. And now we're currently addicted to potato salad. We eat make potato salad at least once a day. lol. So back at Yellow Cab.. We had 14" Four Seasons, 2 orders of Chicken Alfredo and Spicy Chicken Wings. Busog!

Cafe Ti Amo || Krispy Kreme || Etude House || My New Babies (lol)
I chose to go to SM Manila instead of SM San Lazaro because 1) I am so sick of SMSL already. And 2) I wanted to visit Etude House in SM Manila. And to my suprise, suprise.. There's Cafe Ti Amo.. It is where Pho Hoa was located. Aww. We used to eat at Pho Hoa all the time when we were in college. I'm going back there and try their gelatos! And there's Krispy Kreme, too. SM Manila has changed a lot from the last time I visited. So of course, I went to buy something at Etude House. Hee. I bought 2 colors of Nail Polish. It's more expensive than The Face Shop. The Face Shop's 95php each bottle while I got those two for 322php. I love the colors. You can't really see the actual colors of those two in the pictures. I can't find my camera at the moment, my phone saved he day! :))

So I guess this is enough for now. Good night, everyone.


Mia said…
This is your new blog! Yehey! I really miss you a lot and you mentioned my name to your other post, i was so touched:)

And kikay ka pa din, sana magkita na tayo soon!;)
ishna said…
Yep, Mia!! i missed you, too! I was so happy when i found your new blog! Reminds me of our old blogging days. LOL.

Yay. I hope to see you soon, too! :D
Alex said…
Wow. Tell me about that writing stint ate! I could use some extra source of income! Poverty days ako ngayon!=))

Mahal naman nung nail polish! Haha! Is it any good? Worth it naman?

Love the outfit. I used to love dressing up but now I cringe just thinking about it! =)))))) Baliktad tayo. =))) Haaay kaialangan ko lang siguro ng mga bagong masusuot para ganahan ulit ako mag dress up.

Angie said…
To please share me your writing stints :) I can really use the extra income right now.

I envy you so much. Ako hindi ako makapag-dress up sa work kasi naman meron kaming uniform and sobrang boring na.

I just wished makahanap ako ng work outside the Academe.
ishna said…
ALEX - I'll message you the website on facebook!And yung nail polish is medyo pricey nga compared to the Face Shop, but it's worth it naman! Their polishes dry up faster than the others that I've tried! And thanks!! I feel the same way. I feel like I need new set of clothes, too! Let's go shopping!lmao

ANGIE - I'll message you the website, too! It's a good source of extra money! :D
pamatayhomesick said…
na miss ko ang pagbabalik mo ish, hay talaga namn oo.. pag kaganda gandang dilag ang nasisislayan ko tuwing pumapasyal ako dito...
Mharie said…
feeling ko naman may pinagmanahan sis mo kaya nagiging maarte na lol

I really like your outfit, prettyness :)
ishna said…
EVER - Thanks Ever! Naniwala talaga ako sayo. wahah

MHARIE - Bearr!! Naexcite naman ako akala ko bumalik ka na din sa blogspot. :P Nako. Sabi nya nga mana daw sya saken. lol
Hi Ish! I cant believe that afta 3 yrs, we're still communicating via our blogs! Ur like a sis to me now. Goodness, Ive seen u grow! lol
ishna said…
Hey Kris. I know right! Ever since you first visited my old blog, we never stopped 'communicating'. You're one of my favorite people online!
Ar-Ar said…
bakit sken di mo pina paalam ung website for "the extra income!" LOL message me now!
ishna said…
Eh I didn't know that you want it eh. hahaha. Plurk! :D
Cecille said…
Mahilig ka sa nail polish no? heheheh. I like ur dress!
ishna said…
Medyo lang nama wahahaha. Thank you.
dyane said…
Oooh nice. Your earnings are not bad. I would want to do online jobs as well since I'm always broke, but sadly I dont have enough time.

Anyway, you really look pretty :) I love dressing up as well. It's my way of expressing myself.
ishna said…
Yeah, I know! :) I'm so glad that I still earn something even though I just stay at home. :D

And oh, thanks.

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