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It Hurts

I've been busy with school. I don't really love it, but I do not hate it either. I'm surprisingly doing good in class. Lol. We just had our exam this morning for this module I'm taking right now. I wasn't able to review because I was too lazy and too busy with other things, good thing the most of the questions are situational and there were no enumerations asked.
And lol, about the photos above, that was my outfit this morning. My ex-boyfriend left a comment implying that I gained weight. He always does that. Last time he left a comment on my photos, he also said the same thing. :-/ But whatevs, I know it's true. I gained weight, but hey, I don't mind! Well, I do mind, but.. It's not a big deal. I think I still look okay. Right?
When I was in college, I used to complain because no matter how often I stayed up late at night, i didn't get eyebags. But now, my eyebags are fixed feature of my face. :)) What should I do to get rid of them? Don't tel…


My Tita rebonded my hair. Finally. I can wake up later than the usual now because I don't need to spend almost 2 hours in drying and ironing my hair! heehee! And I cut my bangs. Yey. My hair looks really longer now. I like it! :)
Andd, yeah. So I changed my blogger design. I am not really satisfied with how it looks right now but I need to go to bed already. I put back the old header and just changed the background image. I'm going to fix the design some other time. School's taking so much of my time, I don't like it. -_-
Take care you guys! :)


So, I started going to this training last week. I'm surprised that I am so determined to finish this short course. I already finished two modules 2 years ago, so I only have to finish three more. I'm asking permission to take two modules next month and I'm really hoping that they will allow me to. If they agree to let me take two modules at a time, I'm going to finish the training in no time. See? That is how determined I am this time. LOL. But seriously, after working for a year and saved nothing, I am so decided to leave the country and work somewhere else. I realized that if I want to earn more and help my family, the best way is to leave the country. I hope my plan pushes through! Please, God? :)
So anyway, classes were suspended today. I decided not to go home and go to the nearest mall instead, I just got some of my earnings from my part time job anyway. I originally wanted to go to SM North Edsa because Etude House just opened there, but I changed my mind and wen…

Hairy Talk

I did not really intend to post something until tomorrow, but it's a very good date. I cannot not have have anything posted on 10.10.10! Allow me to talk about something important tonight. Yes. Extremely important. My hair frustration. -_-
I was born with a naturally curly hair. It was cute when I was young, people who saw when I was still a baby told me that my facehair was really like those of a doll's. Really curly. Good thing it didn't stay that way. Eventually, my hair straighten up a little, but it's still wavy and unruly. *looks for old photos* I can't find any photo where my hair is really curly. Most of my childhood photos are in Mindoro that's why. I found this, though. My cousin Sarah scanned this for me. I was glad they still have our old photos at their house in Toronto. So yeah. That's how my hair looks like without any treatment and without the help of a blow dryer or flat iron.
I started having my hair treated when I was in 2nd Year Highschoo…


Grabe lang! Ang bilis ng araw! Few more days and it's gonna be Christmas again! I need to save up already! =)
So anyway, I was supposed to buy the Pink Nokia C3 phone this week, but then I decided to spend my money on a different way (I'm going to talk about that later). I will still buy it though. I'm just going to give it as a Christmas gift for myself! :) My earnings on my part time job is good, I think I will be able to save up for the pink phone by writing!
I was out almost the whole day today. I paid the bills, bought some stuff and inquired on something. Heehee. If you you're an old reader from my previous blog, you might recall that I once enrolled in this institute for the Caregiver program. I stopped on my third module because I didn't really want to do it that time. I mentioned before that I want to work abroad, so yeah. I'm working on it now, enrolling is my first step. :)) I saw one of my previous trainer at the CG school and she told me that a lot …