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Hairy Talk

I did not really intend to post something until tomorrow, but it's a very good date. I cannot not have have anything posted on 10.10.10! Allow me to talk about something important tonight. Yes. Extremely important. My hair frustration. -_-

I was born with a naturally curly hair. It was cute when I was young, people who saw when I was still a baby told me that my facehair was really like those of a doll's. Really curly. Good thing it didn't stay that way. Eventually, my hair straighten up a little, but it's still wavy and unruly. *looks for old photos*
I can't find any photo where my hair is really curly. Most of my childhood photos are in Mindoro that's why. I found this, though. My cousin Sarah scanned this for me. I was glad they still have our old photos at their house in Toronto. So yeah. That's how my hair looks like without any treatment and without the help of a blow dryer or flat iron.

I started having my hair treated when I was in 2nd Year Highschool. I was so thankful that I finally found a solution for my hair. Goodbye wavy and unruly hair, hello straight hair! I know we should be contented with what was given to us, but I really don't like my natural hair. I feel like I look better when my hair is straight. Aside from having my hair rebonded, I also bought really good quality flat iron. The one I'm using now is my second one already (excluding the cheap ones,lol). It takes so much effort just to keep my hair straight or to at least make it look good. :-/ Aside from having naturally wavy hair, I also have a very thick hair. So imagine how long does it take me to blow dry and to straighten it.

I have mentioned here before that I feel more beautiful better when my hair is down. As much as I can, I just let my hair down. I just tie it up when i really do not have enough time to blowdry and iron it. I rarely post pictures when I have my hair tied up. Aside from my hair issues, I think I have a big and irregular shaped face. HAHAHA! Insecurities eat me up sometimes!

So anyway, first and last picture, two of the rare moments when I actually liked how the photo turned out even I tied my hair up. The middle photo is how I prefer my hair to be. Well, not really like that, I like it more straight but I was too lazy to iron it out again before taking picture.

So I guess that's all for my 10.10.10 entry. I better stop before I pour out all my insecurities here!


[ k r y k ] said…
kekeke. :D ishnaaa hello!
how's heechul? looool ^.^

gee. right, you look better with straight hair. ^.^

alam mo ba isa ka sa mga super fashionista na kilala ko ever.
just the way you dress and do your hair. hehe! Ü
girly thing as always.
turuan mo nga ako loooooooool ^.^
[ k r y k ] said…
the entry is super 10. haha :D
10-10-10-10 ^.^
Ooh. Ü epic loool! Ü
Alex said…
Hhhmm...wala lang. I have naturally straight hair so hindi ako makarelate. Haha!

Nacurious tuloy ako kung anong itsura mo pag natural hair mo teh! Yung doll curls talaga! Cuuuuute! =)
ishna said…
Kyrk - lol. Thanks for saying that. Pero I'm not as fashionable as you think I am! :))

Alex - I hate you for having a naturally straight hair. haha!! Nako. Bata pa ako nung super kulot yung hair ko.
[ k r y k ] said…
ishna, what? haha! hindi ka pa fashionista sa lagay na yan. T.T
*rolling eyes!* haha. Ü
ishna said…
hahahahaah @ Kyrk
Anonymous said…
hindi ka maganda
ishna said…
@ ANON - Lalo ka na! WAHAHAHHA!!!!

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