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It Hurts

I've been busy with school. I don't really love it, but I do not hate it either. I'm surprisingly doing good in class. Lol. We just had our exam this morning for this module I'm taking right now. I wasn't able to review because I was too lazy and too busy with other things, good thing the most of the questions are situational and there were no enumerations asked.

And lol, about the photos above, that was my outfit this morning. My ex-boyfriend left a comment implying that I gained weight. He always does that. Last time he left a comment on my photos, he also said the same thing. :-/ But whatevs, I know it's true. I gained weight, but hey, I don't mind! Well, I do mind, but.. It's not a big deal. I think I still look okay. Right?

When I was in college, I used to complain because no matter how often I stayed up late at night, i didn't get eyebags. But now, my eyebags are fixed feature of my face. :)) What should I do to get rid of them? Don't tell me to sleep early because I cannot do that. :-/
On other news, Kring made this for me! She's one of the sweetest people I met online! She's not just pretty, she's talented and smart, too! Thank you again Kring for taking time to do this! And please come back to blogging! lol :)


[ k r y k ] said…

maybe he wants you back. hihii.
naisip ko lang looool ^.^

you just have good appetite. ;]

im complaining of gaining weight too.
i envy my workmate who's very skinny.
feeling ko kasi ang taba2 ko na talaga pag katabi ko siya.

but then i realized,
nothing is really to envy about kasi siya naman gustong gusto tumaba. HAHA. ;)

at saka mas okay yung mga body built natin di ba :D
not so chubby, not too skinny.
Ü sakto lang! hahaha
[ k r y k ] said…
ooh. :D one thing more,
ganan talaga pag sa medical field. anything hehe :D
basta exam more on situational.

good luck! ^.^
ishna said…
Haha. No, Kyrk. He just loves to piss me off like that. We're friends. :)) And he has his own family na. Hahaha!

Yeah. Hindi pa naman tayo obese kaya okay lang yun! sarap kumain e.. hihi

And yes. Thank goodness the questions were situational. I didn't have the time to study so yun! Buti naman! :P
pamatayhomesick said…
pang model outfit nga ang dating!...:)
Sharina said…
Love the outfit, girl!! :)

Shari of Aviator Shades
Joey said…
Himala. Hindi mukhang busy ang Edsa.
ishna said…
Thank you, Shari!

Joey - Hehe. Yung area kase na tinatayuan ko sa photo is closed. Kaya hindi sya mukhang busy. :D
ishna said…
Ever - Thanks. Yung outfit lang pangmodel. Sana pati katawan pangmodel din wahahaha

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