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Photo Heavy!

December, if not the busiest, is probably one of the busiest months of the year. I didn't even have the time to update this blog anymore. But hush now, I'm already updating right now! Where do I start? Hmm. VGB: Last Day and Christmas Party
December 17 was the last day of our Personality Development module and our Christmas Party as well. It was fun but I was kind of sad, too because I know that two of my closest friends from school are already finished with all the modules. :( PD was Jiosa and Ruby's last module for the whole course. So yun, gift giving and kainan in the classroom then we went to Kaboom to continue the party afterwards. Photos:
Jiosa, Ruby and Me. It was such a crazy exchange gift activity! LOL! Although not all of us in the class are of the same age range, we definitely have fun together. Everyone, young or not too young, is just crazy-fun! (White Tee: GH Tiangge - Colorful Top: Suprè - Pants: Zara - Sandals: Pill -Necklace: Divisoria I was so colorful tha…

Something Blue & Borrowed

I have two sisters and we all have the same size. From top to jeans to shoes. We borrow each other's stuff. It's fun and practical because whenever we don't have anything to wear na, we just borrow from each other's clothes and voila! Problem solved!
(Top: H&M, Vest: Folded & Hung, Shorts: Natasha, Shoes: Lacoste, Bag: H&M)
There's a condition in borrowing clothes though. We're not allowed to post photos if we're wearing a borrowed item. Pwede naman, but the person who owns the item should approve first. So I have this photo from a while ago. I wanted to use it as my DP on Facebook but my sister Krizza did not approve. HAHAHA! I was wearing her vest that's why. :-/ It's unfair because I let her post the photo when she was wearing the blue top I was wearing on the same photo above. Pffttt. Fine. Dito ko na lang sa blog ipopost. Puahahahahahah!

This One's Long!

When a guy said he likes me and I know for sure that I do not like him and there is no chance that I'll like him in the future, I tell him right away that I. Do. Not. Like. Him.
So right now, there's this guy. He said he likes me. I said I don't like him. I even said there's someone else that I like. I thought I made myself clear. I thought he already got it clear. He even said that he won't bother me anymore. But after a day or two, there he goes again. Saying cheesy stuff, asking me to tell him directly what I really want. I was like, wtf? Did he really not get it? I told myself that I still have to be nice to him. I tried my best to be as friendly to him like the first time we met. Like during those times when he still hasn't said anything.
And then one night, after we were dismissed by our trainer, I had to meet up with my group mates because of a group activity that we were planning. When I was about to leave the school, I saw him waiting for me outside. H…


So as expected, I deleted the entry I posted hours ago. I've been blogging for years now and I should already know that blogging when you're mad is a no-no. I said so many stupid things. Tsss. You know how when you're mad and you just type whatever crosses your mind. I was like that this afternoon. Thank goodness no one read it, well I hope nobody read it. Hehe.
So I was having a hard time lately. And there's no else to be blamed but me. With all the mistakes I did, it's amazing how my parents, especially my mother, still manages to love and support me in whatever choices I make in life. Most of the time, I feel like I don't deserve all the love and understanding they give me. I wonder if I will ever be able to give them back even half of those that they have given me.
I was thinking about my past mistakes and the disappointments I gave my mother. I wonder if I would ever be like her when I become a mother, too. I don't think I'd be as loving and as und…