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So as expected, I deleted the entry I posted hours ago. I've been blogging for years now and I should already know that blogging when you're mad is a no-no. I said so many stupid things. Tsss. You know how when you're mad and you just type whatever crosses your mind. I was like that this afternoon. Thank goodness no one read it, well I hope nobody read it. Hehe.

So I was having a hard time lately. And there's no else to be blamed but me. With all the mistakes I did, it's amazing how my parents, especially my mother, still manages to love and support me in whatever choices I make in life. Most of the time, I feel like I don't deserve all the love and understanding they give me. I wonder if I will ever be able to give them back even half of those that they have given me.

I was thinking about my past mistakes and the disappointments I gave my mother. I wonder if I would ever be like her when I become a mother, too. I don't think I'd be as loving and as understanding as she is to me. Some people said that whatever headache you gave your parents when you were young, your future children will give you twice (or even more) as hard. Will I ever be ready to handle the headaches my future children will give me?

Naks. Serious much? But seriously, I'm so thankful how my mother is always willing to give me millions of second chances.


AVA T. said…
i believe its good to recognize our faults and don't worry, i believe some also tend to vent out on their blog when they're mad hehe. I myself do that on tumblr =p but i'm sure you'll be a good mom someday. I'm a headache to my mom at times too, but my son remains sweet. I think its the way we try to improve that matters ;)
Ar-Ar said…
nabasa ko :)
And remember when I posted something like deleting all my negative posts coz it was all about anger,,so really. when your mad, blogging is a no-no. I hope things are okay now :)
ishna said…
AVA - Thanks! Pero kase ako, I really don't want to post really negative entries here. LOL. Just likee you, I vent on tumblr. I feel like it's safer there. And, thank you! Your comment means a lot. :)

AR - And all along I thought nobody read it. :P So much emoness in that entry. And yes, thank you for reminding me again that I should not blog when I'm mad. :P

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