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This One's Long!

When a guy said he likes me and I know for sure that I do not like him and there is no chance that I'll like him in the future, I tell him right away that I. Do. Not. Like. Him.

So right now, there's this guy. He said he likes me. I said I don't like him. I even said there's someone else that I like. I thought I made myself clear. I thought he already got it clear. He even said that he won't bother me anymore. But after a day or two, there he goes again. Saying cheesy stuff, asking me to tell him directly what I really want. I was like, wtf? Did he really not get it? I told myself that I still have to be nice to him. I tried my best to be as friendly to him like the first time we met. Like during those times when he still hasn't said anything.

And then one night, after we were dismissed by our trainer, I had to meet up with my group mates because of a group activity that we were planning. When I was about to leave the school, I saw him waiting for me outside. He asked me if I want to eat dinner first. I had to say no because my mom asked me to go home early, she has a fever that time and she wanted to talk to me via skype. And yes, I don't really feel like eating out with him. -_- While we were walking, we bumped into our classmates. So I was having a lovely chitchat with a classmate and I didn't notice that he wasn't following us anymore and that he already crossed the street.

So the next day, I saw him in school. I smiled at him like what I always do whenever I see my classmates. Instead of smiling back, he said some things that made me mad. He said something like.. "Alam mo nababadtrip ako sayo. Wag ka na. Nakakainis ka!" Of course I had to ask why. I thought he was just kidding but he wasn't. When I asked why he answered. "Basta, wag ka na! Badtrip!" So ooooookay. WHAT WAS THAAAAT? LQ? Boyfriend? LOL. I eventually learned that he was acting that way because I turned down his invitation for dinner but I ate kwek kwek with the classmates we bumped into. Hello. That was just kwekkwek. It didn't even last for more than 15 minutes! I just ate 4 kwek kwek and 1 tukneneng and left immediately. I said I needed to get home fast. If I said yes to the dinner, it would take us what? An hour? An hour and a half? Pfft.

And the funny thing is, he just left like that. We really didn't notice that he wasn't following us anymore. You know, the night when he asked me to eat dinner? He was supposed to eat kwek kwek with us but he left just like that. No bye, bye. He just crossed the street as if he wasn't walking with anybody. LOL. And now, there he goes again. He's asking me if we could talk. What is there to talk about? I don't want to say it again. I don't want to turn him down for the third time.

I think I already said it loud and clear. I don't like him. I ignore his phone calls. I reply to his messages only if it's school related. I told him I don't like him. WHY CAN'T HE FREAKING GET IIIIIT? Do I really have to go through something like this AGAIN? It hasn't been a year since I've been to this kind of situation. Aaaah.


AVA T. said…
SOme guys just don't know how to take hints ;)
ishna said…
Yeeeah. -_- Nakakainis lang. lol
Ar-Ar said…
I wonder why your blog is black and white! :))

Anyhow.. nakakainis yang ganyang sitwasyon, buti na lang nakakulong ako! LOL

anyhow(2x) dalhin mo nlng pinsan mo sa school,pakilala mong jowa mo para tumigil na siya sa kalokohan nya!
Hazel said…
ang kulit naman nyan!!!! Deadma nalang... he'll eventually take the hint. =)
ishna said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
ishna said…
AR - Wala lang. For a change. Hahah! Remember when I was in kind of the same situation when I was still in PW? Pssssh.

Hazel - I didn' just give him hints. I told him directly that I don't like him. :-/
heyjay said…
natawa naman ako bigla na nasingit yung kwek kwek at tukneneng.
ishna said…
Ang sarap kaya! Hahahahaha!
Alex said…
♫ Why you so obsessed with me boy I wanna knoooowwwww....♫

Haha! Some people are just too persistent. Tsk. Ayos lang yan te! Haha!

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