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Miss you!

6 months ago, I decided to resign from my job because I grew tired of it and tired of someone. My original plan was to rest for just a month or two and then I would start working again. Apparently, I had change in my plans and opted to go back to studying. To have extra income aside from the allowance that my parents give me, I decided to apply for a home based part time job. The money I get from it isn't that big, but it's already a great help for someone like me. It's better than earning nothing at all.
I miss working. I miss dressing up for work. I miss pay days the most! I hate how I cannot just buy the things that I want to but because I do not have a regular income. I miss seeing movies in theaters because I'd rather spend the money on some other things. I miss eating out with officemates.
I honestly cannot wait to finish school. I want to look for a job. I want to start working again. I just hope I won't get a hard time getting a new job in the future!
This wa…

First Fam Jam for 2011

Family bondings are always fun. Even though both my parents are abroad, I'm so thankful that I have my wonderful extended family around. We always have fun and eat a lot whenever we have gatherings like last night. My Tita (who's also my Ninang) and Ninong Julius treated us for dinner last night since they're going back to NZ in few days. We ate at Sisdang at Seaside Macapagal. I'm not really a fan of seafoods, but who am I to complain, right? HAHA!
So this is were we ate. Sisdang. Of course we had to buy seafoods first!
What I don't like about eating there is that it takes so much time before the food are served. We were all so hungry when the foods finally arrived. We did not even bother to take photos when the foods arrived. We were THAT hungry. LOL. We were 22 last night. Isang barangay! Hahaha!! Cheenee, Te Shayne, Me, Kiara, Mommy E, Lola Alice and Krizza After the storm! LOL Preparing to leave. We made an on the spot decision of going to Star City! STAR CITY, I mi…

And then there was Gerardo's.

Since me and my friends from school are already getting sick of the Korean foods we're eating everyday, we decided to eat somewhere else. Out first choice was Lydia's Lechon but they closed down early, then we thought of eating at Ludo's because we wanted to try their pastas but they were also closed. We went to 7-11 because we were hopeless already. We didn't find anything that we wanted to eat so went out again. And then we saw Gerardo's!
We decided to try their sandwiches and and we loved it! Cha and I ordered their tuna sandwich and quesadillas. Christel and Mike had their clubhouse. Here, photos!
That's Cha, Me, Christel and Mike.
My Tuna Sandwich. We were surprised that it has macaroni salad, too. It doesn't taste exceptional, but it was okay. And it's just 100php!
Quesadilla! I liked it! It's just 120php and it tastes good. :)
Christel and Mike's Clubhouse sandwich! And yay! Us three with the foods! :D
We're definitely eating there again! …

What's inside my bag?

So I finally managed to take a photo of my bag! I'm finally posting my What's In My Bag entry! Lol. I think I posted something like this on my old old blog. So here it is! Finally! (Alex, naunahan kita:P) This is my overused bag. My Mom gave this to me a month or two after I was hired in 2009. I love it because it's big and I can put so much stuff in there! I love big bags. I friends would always tease me because I always use big bags. So here, let me show you how it looks inside. My bag normally looks messier than how it looks in the photo. Haha! Here are the items you can find inside: 1. My Etude House make up pouch. I'm not sharing what's inside the pouch, I'll prolly make a separate entry for that. Or not. :P 2. Pencil Case. I'm recently obsessing on pens. I buy a lot of them. I'm on the search of the perfect pen for me. Lmao. It is also where I put my alcohol and sanitizer. 3. Green Apple Notebook. It is where I've written notes from the previous m…

Versatility Eh?

*Mic test*
I would like to thank Ar-ar and Hazel for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award. To accept the Versatile Blogger Award there are some rules to follow:1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to seven blogs you’ve recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.So.. Here are seven things about me.I don't really like doing this kind of stuff, but since I really want to blog but I have nothing to blog about, I decided to give it a go. Two bloggers gave me the award after all. I am so touched you girls! :PI used to finish a book in one sitting, but now I still haven't finished the book which I bought almost two months ago. I wonder where my love for reading go? I'm really feeling guilty and confused about something right now.I'm turning 24 this year and I still don't know what I REALLY want to do in my life. I know I want to leave the country, but I stil…

When Was The Last Time?

Me and some friends to hang out after school since it's Friday. We were supposed to go to our usual hang out but we were so sick of it already. It's New Year so we decided to look for a new place to drink. It was just the four of us this time. Me, Cha (yellow top), Christel (white top) and E (the guy, of course lmao). Photo sharing time!
Cha's pretty hand and my fugly hand! Lol! Don't you just love my crack nail polish? ;))
Cha, Me and Tel. E was patiently taking our photos! He even used one of the bottles as his 'tripod'. LOL
Cha and me! I look older than her when in fact she's already 30! She looks so freaking young, I hate her. Puahaha. I love her! :)
So while we were drinking, E saw a rose vendor and said he'd buy a rose so we'll have props for photo taking. Me and Cha jokingly asked him to get each of us a rose instead of just getting one. Apparently, he really bought three long stemmed roses for us. Rose to cheer us up. Christel has problem at hom…


Happy New Year, you guys! I'm still itching to blog about something because I'm so pissed, but I do not want to post something negative for my first entry in 2011! I'll save it for my next entry. So yeah, I'll just (photo) blog about my New Year in Mindoro!
So apparently, I celebrated New Year in Mindoro. We didn't celebrate it at our own house tho, our house is in Victoria. We were at my Lolo's house in Calapan. My Lolo's place is a really great place if you just want to break away from the busy city life! The surrounding is just so green, you can hear the insects at night, you can hear the birds chirping and you can feel the fresh and cold air! I seriously didn't want to leave Mindoro yet, but I had to. :( So here, photos!
That's my sister, Krizza! Can you see how green the place is? Front, back, left, right. All green. All trees! Here are the foods! This New Year is extra special because it was the first time that we cooked/prepared the foods! Hah…