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Wedding Bells!

Hello you guys! Sorry I wasn't able to visit your blog for few days. As I have mentioned on my previous entry, I went to Mindoro for the weekend. I really had fun during my 3-day stay there. It is always refreshing there! I didn't have to turn the AC on. The electric fan was just on No.1 and I was already feeling cold. The best!
In case you didn't know, I went there to attend my cousin's wedding. Well technically, she's my Tita (father's cousin), but since she isn't that old to be called Tita I grew up calling her Ate. Ate Aileen used to look after me whenever I visit my Lolo's place when she was still living in the here in the Philippines (and when I was just a little girl). They moved to Canada when she was in high school so we didn't really get the chance to spend time together. Last time I bonded with her was during one of our cousin's wedding as well. Although we didn't spend so much time, we really had fun and I'm so touched that …

Foods & Bullets

Martie, Cha and I decided to eat at Sbarro Trinoma after our class. Here are the photos of what we ordered. ▲One whole Baked Zitti for me and Cha.▲ ▲A cheesecake for me!▲ ▲I forgot what this pizza is called. Lol.▲ ▲Martie's Pasta▲
✿ I'll be in Mindoro for the weekend for my cousin's civil wedding! So excited to go home and enjoy Lolo's place once again. :)
✿ How can someone be so slow? How can he still not get it? DUH. Do I really have to spell it out for you? Again? Puhlease.
✿ I watched Mean Girls 2 and as expected.. Disappointing!
✿ I had my hair trimmed kanina. Nothing drastic tho. Too scared to cut my hair short. My hair has always been boring.

I'm A Cheap Girl!

I love cheap finds, be it from tiangges or thrift shop, as long as I like it I'd buy it! I'm not really a brand conscious type of person. I love branded stuff and all, but I cannot always afford those that I want so raiding tiangges and thrift stores are really helpful sometimes! I remember posting an entry on my old blog about my cheap finds and I thought of posting a new one here. ▲ I bought this cropped jacket from an Ukay Store nearby! I was once so obsessed with color yellow! I miss wearing this jacket. Price: 100php-150php ▲ ▲ Flats from Baclaran. My Tita in Mindoro owns a shoe store. One time I asked her to buy me a flat shoes. I got this for free, but she got it for a really cheap price. At hello, halata ba? Overused na! lmaoWhole salePrice: 120php-150php ▲ ▲The dress / top I was wearing was from an Ukay Store as well. I was on my way home from work when I saw this Ukay Store along Gil Puyat - Makati, I decided to look around and found this cute dress / top. (Hi Ar-ar! :P…

One emo entry.

Whenever there's a situation where I need to introduce myself, I always describe myself as someone who is a happy person. I tell people that I find happiness in little things, that colors can cheer me up in an instant and that I do not dwell on the sad things. But you know what? I don't think I'm still that kind of person.
My life isn't as happy as it was before, I'm not as cheerful as I was, I'd rather stay at home than to go out with friends. I haven't even gone out of the house since Monday. I'm always here in the room. I would go downstairs to eat or to watch the television. But mostly, I just really stay inside this room. Either checking stuff online, watching TV or just lying on the bed.
I'm just so sad right now. I try to entertain myself with the things which usually make me happy, but i's not as easy as it was anymore. Before I go to sleep, there are times when I would find myself tearing up. I feel like nothing's going right in my l…

Pretty Stuff!

Last Friday.. I was able to meet Ana, the talented person behind Anagon Collection. It was my first time to purchase from her collection and I decided to choose the meet up option to get the items. I really wanted to meet her in person because she seems really nice! You know how there are people who just look so friendly even if you just see them in photos? Ana is like that. Maybe because she almost always has that big smile sa mga photos nya. I love the paper bag! =) I'm definitely using it again. Sobrang sayang kung hindi na magagamit. :) I'm recently obsessing on everything turquoise so when I saw this, I decided to message Ana right away! I think this is by far the best turquoise ring I've seen. So excited to wear this along with my turquoise peacock necklace! So pretty right? And it looks even prettier in person. I swear I want to wear the earrings already! But I'm waiting for the right time for these to debut. Lol. I'm wearing it on my cousin's civil weddi…

Make It Up!

When I posted my What's Inside My Bag entry, my blog friend Kryk asked me to post what's inside my make up kit. I don't really wear wake up that much. I'm not good putting it on that's why. Lol. I just know the basics. Face powder, blush on, eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick. I don't usually put all those on normal days. Face powder at konting blush lang. When I wake up earlier than the usual, I try to expirement and put on eyeshadow and liquid eye liner as well.
I started keeping make up because my Titas from abroad started sending me make up goodies when I was in high school. I remember giving those make ups to my cousins and other titas because I was only interested with lipglass during that time. I started to to actually experiment on make up when I entered college.
Now that I'm back to school and now that I do not have the means to buy the brands that I used to own, I settled for the more affordable ones. Lol. I think I should stop blahbing now and post …

Hello February!

Why hello February! Just when I said I got my love for blogging back, I suddenly feel lazy to blog again. So anyway, since it's Sunday and I really have nothing to do, I might as well blog about the stuff I did few days ago.
Last Thursday, we had our Skills Demo for the Home Management module. We were assigned to make small play which involves a patient with a Cerebral Palsy. I was tasked to play as the caregiver of one of the CP patient in the play. I was also tasked to be the narrator. Lol. Narrating and acting at the same time. It was fun. Here are some of the photos from the small play that we did. It lasted for an hour. 1.) The scene was at the clinic! Rona and Raffy were the CP patients in our play. I admire both of them for not laughing when all of our classmates were already laughing their hearts out because they kind of looked funny. -_- 2. ) Look at our tricycle! HAHA! So cute! :-) 3.) That's the aligaga me. I was helping our director to instruct my groupmates. It was t…