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Hello February!

Why hello February! Just when I said I got my love for blogging back, I suddenly feel lazy to blog again. So anyway, since it's Sunday and I really have nothing to do, I might as well blog about the stuff I did few days ago.

Last Thursday, we had our Skills Demo for the Home Management module. We were assigned to make small play which involves a patient with a Cerebral Palsy. I was tasked to play as the caregiver of one of the CP patient in the play. I was also tasked to be the narrator. Lol. Narrating and acting at the same time. It was fun. Here are some of the photos from the small play that we did. It lasted for an hour.
1.) The scene was at the clinic! Rona and Raffy were the CP patients in our play. I admire both of them for not laughing when all of our classmates were already laughing their hearts out because they kind of looked funny. -_-
2. ) Look at our tricycle! HAHA! So cute! :-)
3.) That's the aligaga me. I was helping our director to instruct my groupmates. It was tiring because I had to narrate, assist our director and participate in the scenes. lol
4.) One of those scenes where I had to run after reading the narration. :)) Haggard much?
1.) Me with Christel. She's the barbie of the class. She's so pretty, inside and out! One of the closest friends I have in school.
2.) Classmates with Maam JLao. :-) This was after the play! Spot the backdrops! LOL.
3.) Of course, we had to take another photo! Heehee
Uhhh. Question: Do I look good in scrub suit? Haha! And yesss. Dapat complete with accessories. LOL

Friday: Last Day of Home Mgmt Module.
1.) Me and Tel!
2.) Some people from the class. The theme of the last day celebration was Retro. But due to the lack of budget and time, I was not able to buy something retro. HAHA. I chose to wear my dress which looks like retroish. I think. lmao.
3.) That's my hairy hand and ring.
4.) Myrene, Raffy and Me. How hay can you get, RafRaf! Lmao!
1.) Lasagna! I swear, I had so much Lasagna! hahaha! sobrang busog lang. I didn't even bother to eat the shrimp! :))
2.) Lechong Kawali.
3.) Shrimp in Oyster's Sauce.
4.) Annie, Rona, Raffy and Me!
After the party and games at school, we decided to go somewhere else to continue the celebration! We headed at Gerardo's near ABS. :-) Photos are from my classmate's camera. Low batt na yung saken! I forgot to charge it the night before. Boohoo!
1.) Christel, Maam JLao, Annie and Me.
2.) Classmates.
3.) And of course, another one!


Honey Andrade said…
Hi! So are you like a Nursing student? Or taking your Masteral course? Whatever it is, goodluck with it! Oh and the food made me hungry!! Haha!!
ishna said…
Hi Honey! Caregiver student, actually. Heehee. Thank you for dropping by! :-)
[ k r y k ] said…
scrub suit is cute!
i miss wearing it too. haha!

ang kulit ng play nyo ^____^
gusto ko nung hipon haha!
better if fried loooooool Ü

good luck!!!
ishna said…
Thanks! :-) It was actually my first time to wear a scrub suit. It's so comfortable pala when worn. lol
Melle Lee said…
Is this for a caregiver class? hmmm you've got nice pics too.. And the scrub suit seems comfty huh?
Ar-Ar said…
scrub what??? hahaha maaaan, I dont really like the shrimp! mukha silang higanteng uod! Ahahahahha
ishna said…
Melle: Yes, it is! Thanks, its really comfortable.

AR: Hahahah! Ang cute ko diba? lololol.
Hazel said…
Yup, your scrub suit looks good on you!! Cute pa nga yung design na yan e, i've seen some plain boring ones! haha :P Nagutom ako sa lasagna :))
Hazel said…
Yup, your scrub suit looks good on you!! Cute pa nga yung design na yan e, i've seen some plain boring ones! haha :P Nagutom ako sa lasagna :))
ishna said…
Hi Hazel! :-) Thanks. I really love the design of the scrub suit. It looks so happy. lol

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