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Congratulations, Bebe Kiara!

Today was my sister's elementary graduation. She went to La Consolacion College - Manila for grade school and will still be going there for high school. The graduation ceremony was really long. After the mass, I began tweeting and checking facebook. I was so bored, so sleepy and so very hungry. It lasted for 4 hours. :-/
▲Congratulations, Bebe. Ate loves you so so much! :-)▲ ▲ Kiara with her friends! Kiara didn't cry but most of her friends did! ▲ ▲ The graduates surprised the parents by giving them letters and roses. I love this photo of them. ▲ ▲ Momma looking so chic. I was forcing her to buy shoes with higher heels but apparently I did not succeed. Haha! ▲ ▲ My sister, Kiara, did not approve of what I wore. Hahaha! She wanted me to wear a dress or something little bit more formal but who is she to tell me what to wear? I'm the Ate for crying out loud. LMAO. And remember I asked you guys about the strap of the sandals? Haha. I didn't remove it na lang. I listened to y…

Just Photos!

It's summer and I'm not supposed to eat a lot. Kase diba, baka biglang magkayayaan sa beach. LOL. Pero I love foods! I love eating! I can't say no to foods. :( Lalo na ngayon, my Mom is here and she loves going out and eating out. She loves making us eat a lot. Hello extra pounds! Plus, I can't stop eating chocolates! Feeling ko talaga hindi ko titigilan hanggat hindi nauubos. HAHA!
Aaaaah. Chocolates! I swear I ate a lot of chocolate na! Gusto ko na silang kainin lahat para matapos na ang paghihirap ko. LMAO!
We ate at Sbarro for three consecutive days! Lmao. We're like that. We tend to eat somewhere over and over again until we can't take the taste of the food anymore! Sbarro - MoA then Sbarro SM San Lazaro and yesterday, it was at Sbarro SM Manila! And these are the foods we ate today. Sobrang busog ko talaga. SOBRA!

So anyway, enough about foods! Baka magutom na naman ako at kumain. Ayoko na. Hindi masarap yugn feeling na sobrang busog. :-s So yun nga, Mudra as…

More Than Friends

Why hello friends! My Mom is finally here, she arrived last Saturday! I wasn't able to get enough sleep last Friday and Saturday because I (and my sibs) were so excited! I love all the presents I got. Yay! :) So yesterday, we went to the Mall of Asia after we heard the mass. It was Mudra's first time there. Our feet hurt and we were all so tired because of the hours of walking! My feet hurt the most. :-/ But it was still fun!
▲Because Mudra wanted to eat rice and we were too lazy to walk around to look for a place to eat, we decided to eat at Abè - Where Good Friends Dine. It was the first restaurant we saw when we went up to the second floor.▲ ▲Me and my siblings were not that satisfied. Haha. Whenever we got out, me and my siblings would always eat Italian. Yesterday was one of the very few times when we didn't have pizza or pasta for the main meal. We had pizza at Sbarro before we headed home tho. :P▲ ▲Brother is so not fond of posing in front of the camera hence the fez.▲ …

My Relationship With D!

I love dresses, like, REALLY!

I love wearing dresses because they're lifesavers! Whenever I'm in a rush or I do not know what to wear, they're my life savers! You know how sometimes it's so hard to choose which top would match that pants perfectly? Well, dresses are my solution to that!

I love dresses because they're so easy to style. Sometimes, a really nice dress does not even need that much styling. Another reason why I love dresses is because they're wearable everywhere and anywhere. If you want to dress down, just wear it with flats. If youre out for a little more formal event, just wear it with heels and you're safe to go!

And last but not the least, I love wearing dresses because I always feel good in them! I feel even girlier than the usual.

Tagged, Nails and Bruises

I have so many frustrations in life and one of them is my handwriting. Lolyeah. I've always wanted a pretty handwriting. A lady like handwriting -- if you know what I mean. My handwriting is not horrible naman, it is actually readable. There are those times when I write prettily. So anyway, I was tagged by Hazel.
▲It's not the worst handwriting ever naman, diba? Hahaha! I don't usually tag people back but I'm making this one an exemption. I actually tagged 5 people. Yey!▲ ▲I mentioned that I like the color of my nails right now. Here it is! One of those cheap nail polish I bought. I still can't believe that I was able to but so many shades of nail polish for less than 200php! Lol. And yes, the color is Blue Marine.▲ ▲The other night, I was so thirsty I decided to go downstairs to drink. I was too lazy to turn the lights on (I can be really lazy) so I fell down the stairs haha! It's been few days now and the bruises are still there. Good thing it's not hur…


I've been blogging for years now and I am so thankful that I discovered this wonderful world. I love blogging and even though there were times when I almost abandoned my blog, I still find myself going back to blogging. I love reading my old entries. My grammatical errors make me shiver every time I go back and re-read my previous blogs but I love it nonetheless! I know i still have these errors but those errors from way back are worse! I'm so thankful that the only blog that I deleted was my first blogger account, all the other blogs that I own are still there. Somewhere out there.
So I was once again had nothing to do, I decided to take a trip down the memory lane. I read this entry which I posted in December 2006! Hahaha. I find this one really funny. Funny because it seems like the 19 year old me was really bored with her life alone. I'm 23, turning 24 in few months, but I don't feel the same way as what that girl from 2006 was feeling! Yes, there are times when I f…

For The Eyes & For The Nails

An hour before finally boarding the bus to Batangas during my most recent trip to Mindoro, I decided to look around this small shopping center in Buendia near the bus station. Although there are quite a number of stores there, only one of them caught my attention. I saw this shop which sells Korean goodies. The clothes are not that pretty, the accessories are average looking but what I really liked are their sunglasses and caps! I forgot to ask how much their caps are but the sunglasses are so affordable. They have really cute designs, too bad I forgot to take a photo. I bought one for just P100.00!
▲It's cute, right? Perfect for summer! Yey!▲ ▲Please tell me it looks good on me. Lol.▲
There's this Korean Mart near our school and they sell some cosmetics from, of course, Korea! I've been eyeing this liquid eyeliner ever since they opened the store, but I was kind of hesitant because I'm not familiar with the brand name of the cosmetics compan…

Greener than green

I have so many photos from my short vacation in Mindoro! It took me a while to decide which photos to post here on my blog. I swear I wanted to post all the photos here. Lol. So anyway, since most of us stay in the crowded city, I guess you will enjoy looking at the photos I'm about to share. :)
My Lolo's place is called Patas. It's actually part of Calapan, the city and the capital of Oriental Mindoro. It's one of those barrios far from civilization (lol) and I love the place for that very reason! The life there is very simple. Almost all of the people in the barangay are our relatives. I remember not having to worry where to eat at lunch even though I was far from Lolo's house because every house is actually a relative's! I remember sleeping over at my cousins' house. Sleepover hopping! We used to do that.
The best times I spent at Lolo's were during harvest season and summer season. During the harvest season (August-October), rambutan and lanzones a…