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I've been blogging for years now and I am so thankful that I discovered this wonderful world. I love blogging and even though there were times when I almost abandoned my blog, I still find myself going back to blogging. I love reading my old entries. My grammatical errors make me shiver every time I go back and re-read my previous blogs but I love it nonetheless! I know i still have these errors but those errors from way back are worse! I'm so thankful that the only blog that I deleted was my first blogger account, all the other blogs that I own are still there. Somewhere out there.

So I was once again had nothing to do, I decided to take a trip down the memory lane. I read this entry which I posted in December 2006! Hahaha. I find this one really funny.
Funny because it seems like the 19 year old me was really bored with her life alone. I'm 23, turning 24 in few months, but I don't feel the same way as what that girl from 2006 was feeling! Yes, there are times when I feel like I also want someone to be there for me, but not to the point that I'd write an open letter for my future boyfriend! HAHAHHAHA!

This is fun. Whenever I have nothing to post and I want to update this blog, I'll just take a look at my previous entries from my old blog sites and repost some funny shameful interesting entries.


yay! Those days! i remembered posting an open letter to my boyfriend. a few years back.. uhhm xanga blogs!
AVA T.♥ said…
Aww makes me feel really sorry that I deleted all the past blogs that I had. I think I had around 2 xangas, 2 livejournals, and 1 vox before I settled down with blogger haha :)) I wish I kept even just one. :(
ishna said…
Hazel: Hahaha! Saya talaga basahin ng lumang entries! I wonder what's in that letter you wrote for you bf! lol

Ava: Sayang nga! :( Kaya don't ever delete your blogger. No matter what, don't! HAHA
ching said…
awww i like looking back on my blog posts.. just goes to show how silly i was back in the days. im new to your blog.
ishna said…
HI Ching! Yes, those silly blog posts are always fun to look at. :) And, welcome to my blog!
Hazel said…
ishna!! you make me feel like i'm one horrible blogger :)) i keep on deleting and transferring links like a mad man! :)) that's why i lost track of old entries and blogs (from way back 2003) :| pero funny ng entry mo from 2006... have you found your future bf na nga ba? :D

ps i moved links :D heeehee
Chyng said…
Haha! same here, i find my old entries hilarious (well, not to the point of writing someone an open letter). =)
Hazel said…
btw, i tagged you :D
ishna said…
Hazel: Okay lang yan. Lol. And... Good news. Hindi ko pa din nahahanap yung future bf ko! HAHA

Chyng: Kakatawa na kakahiya lang yung open letter ko. Lololol.
frances said…
Woowww, I remember those last years. I can't remember when we met each other online, tho. Seems like a really long time already. Haha.

Blogging = life :D Let's keep speaking out our minds!
[ k r y k ] said…
Ishnaaaaaa, hahaha :D
winner ang entry na 'to. LoL. ^____^
Super Like. Kekekk.
"Don't make me wait for years again. Take plane if you have to."


Don't worry he will come home soon.
Siguro naligaw lang. :D pero papunta na siya sayo!

I guess, blogging is a part of us.
ishna said…
Frances: Onga. You've been an online friend since my poshprobinsyana days! lol

Kyrk: HAHAHAH! Omg. I was talking about Hyun Joong & Heechul sa line that you quoted. LOL
Ar-Ar said…
lol trust me! If you're already in a relationship you would wish to be single again! HAHAH.

I can't believe this entry was from u. :))
ishna said…
You better believe it. Hahaha. :)
Teh, si Tooooot ba ito? Wahahaha! Kaka-status niya lang sa FB nung Monday. Buhay pa siya.
ishna said…
Teh hindi ko alam kung para kanino yan! HAHAHA! Si tooooot ba? Onga, buhay pa sya. :))

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