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Sa Bukid Walang Papel

I was in Mindoro for the weekend. I arrived there Friday night and was back in Manila few hours ago. Yesterday, Saturday, the whole family attended a wedding. It was a very simple and old school wedding. The reception was held at the bride's place, which is located in the middle of the rice field! We had to walk under the scorching heat of the sun. I know it's officially summer but I didn't expect that it'd be that hot! Well anyway, we ate a lot and we're for the newlyweds! I don't know the newlyweds personally. All I know about them is that the groom is a son of my parent's friend in Milan.

Since I'm a blogger who doesn't have much to say at the moment, I'll share some photos. The photos were just taken by my phone so the quality is not that great. They all expected that I already had the camera in my bag when we left our house. It turned out, apparently, that no one brought it. Why do some people always expect me to be the one who brings the camera??? :))

▲Sooo. Cars couldn't get through the narrow road so we had to walk. We didn't know that there was other route where the road was wider. At least wide enough for a one way drive.▲
▲My youngest sister, Kiara. :-)▲
▲Of course I had to take a photo of these. :)▲
▲And me again! Of course! You can't complain. This is my blog anyway.▲

That wedding was the first old school-barrio wedding I was able to attend after such a loooong time. By that..What I meant was...
  • Guests/Neighbors in their pambahays at the reception.
  • You can actually see the volunteers washing the dishes from where you are eating.
  • There's selling of kakanin (suman and kalamay) for such expensive prices!
  • Etc. Basta yun na yun. Gets nyo na yown!
I know the blog title is sooo lame.


frances said…
The "province feeling" will always be the best! Though sobrang bagal ng oras, enjoy pa din :D
provincial parties are always the best. the food is always great! :)
Angie said…
I never experienced that kind of wedding. Yung wedding kasi nong Tita ko took place sa province pero modernized na siya, hehe. Sarap siguro nang ganyan.

Regarding the camera, vain ka daw kasi kaya ikaw dapat nagdadala ng camera. Hehe.
ishna said…
Frances: Yes. Simula nung dito na ako nagsstay sa Manila, nun ko lang sobrang naappreciate ang province.

Fashioneggplant: You are so right.

Anj: Nakakamiss din yung ganung weddings. Sayang talaga, nakalimutan namin yung camera. =))
Ar-Ar said…
lol ako din lagi hinahanapan ng camera every get away! andd I can imagine how init it was! it shows in your face! lol

Kiara! The Big Girl! hahah

I think we have the same bag! :))
Aya said…
LOL funny title!
AVA T.♥ said…
Yes, first off funny title hihi :)

And wow mindoro again?:D sweet!:)
ishna said…
Ar: Ewan ko ba, dapat tinanong muna nila ako kung dala ko na ba yung camera. lol

Aya: Ikr? The title is pure lol.

Ava: I can be so lame in thinking of titles!
ishna said…
Ar: Ewan ko ba, dapat tinanong muna nila ako kung dala ko na ba yung camera. lol

Aya: Ikr? The title is pure lol.

Ava: I can be so lame in thinking of titles!
[ k r y k ] said…
Ishnaaaa, naka leggings ka ba ? :)
Awts. haha! Ü Kahit nasa province ako bihira na ako makakita ng ganang lugar!

I think the last one was nung nagpunta kami sa quezon province. :DD
bakit hindi ka nag'dress? waaaaaaa! Ü
ishna said…
Hi Kyrk! Yep, I was wearing leggings! I wanted to wear that dress alone but I didn't want Hi Kyrk! Yep, I was wearing leggings! I wanted to wear that dress alone but I didn't want to be stared at LOL. to be stared at LOL.

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