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Batangas and Galera!

Since I am so behind in my entries, I decided to post to summer getaways in one entry! Ha!

Valentino Resort and Spa

We had a once in a blue moon mini reunion few weeks ago with my relatives from my father's side. We hardly see each other so naturally, we aren't that bonded. The mini reunion was actually for Lola Fidela's birthday. I met some cousins for the first time. We still didn't talk that much but I'm so glad I met them somehow. Hopefully, we'll get to spend time together again soon.

Group picture! :)

The place is so beautiful! Really. It is. Very.

And what's really cool is that there were times when we have the pool by ourselves! Lol. There weren't so many people when we were there.

See? No one else there! Hahaha!

They even have a hanging bridge there!

There's also a Koi pond in the place were we stayed in.

Dolphin Bay Resort @ Sabang, Puerto Galera

Mother and friends organized a little bonding and catching up few weeks ago, so me and my sister Kiara d…

Anchors Awaaaay!

Gawwwd. I still haven't blogged about the little family reunion we had two weeks ago. I'm skipping that one for now. I'll blog something which happened to me last Sunday. I can't wait to blog about this anymore, I wanna blog this when everything's still fresh! The introduction is getting too long so I'm gonna start now.
My mother and her high school barkada decided to to go to Puerto Galera last weekend. Me and my youngest sister, Kiara, tagged along. We were there Saturday lunch until Sunday lunch. I needed to go back to Manila yesterday so my Mom (and her friends) said that I better ride the boat from Galera instead of going back to Calapan to ride a ship. I didn't want to at first because I really prefer riding with SuperCat. It's always safer there. I read tweets about the strong rain not only in Manila, but in Calapan as well. Someone also said that the SuperCat's trip might be cancelled because of the bad weather condition. In the end, they…


I went home in Mindoro for the Holy Week and spent the weekend with the extended family. (Mother's side) When we're together, we always eat a lot or swim a lot. Be it at a cheap resort or a really good one, as long as the pools are clean, we'll go there and drown ourselves in the pool! For this summer, we went swimming at Benilda Resort in Naujan and at Villa Bautista Resort in Victoria. I'll just squeeze the photos from the two resorts in one entry because there's still a lot to blog but I was too lazy so I am so behind right now. :))

Benilda Resort

I initially didn't have plan of swimming but my little cousin, Antonella, didn't want to go in the water unless she was with me. Lol. The water's so clear. They only have 2 swimming pools. One for adults and a smaller one for kids.

Antonella. You can still see the marks that chickenpox left the poor little girl. She's too maarte.

The place is so pretty! So many places to get photos taken! We loved these thr…