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Anchors Awaaaay!

Gawwwd. I still haven't blogged about the little family reunion we had two weeks ago. I'm skipping that one for now. I'll blog something which happened to me last Sunday. I can't wait to blog about this anymore, I wanna blog this when everything's still fresh! The introduction is getting too long so I'm gonna start now.

My mother and her high school barkada decided to to go to Puerto Galera last weekend. Me and my youngest sister, Kiara, tagged along. We were there Saturday lunch until Sunday lunch. I needed to go back to Manila yesterday so my Mom (and her friends) said that I better ride the boat from Galera instead of going back to Calapan to ride a ship. I didn't want to at first because I really prefer riding with SuperCat. It's always safer there. I read tweets about the strong rain not only in Manila, but in Calapan as well. Someone also said that the SuperCat's trip might be cancelled because of the bad weather condition. In the end, they have persuaded me to ride the resort's boat back to Batangas.

Like what I have tweeted, the the first 30 minutes (or so) boat ride was alright. There were waves but I'm so used to it already. The other people on boat were still laughing and happily screaming whenever there's a I was even mocking the other guests from the resort because they were way too coño for me. Everything changed when, aside from the rain, the wind started to blow really strong. The boat ride started to feel like a roller coaster + Anchor's Away + Rio Grande ride. All of us were soaked in salt water.

Just when we thought that we're experiencing the worst boat ride ever, we saw another boat which was just floating on the sea. Apparently, there was a problem with the boat. The staffs of our boat decided to help. The other boat had to be pulled so the motor would start. While helping the other boat, the two boast almost hit each other. That was so scary. What would've happened if those two boats crashed into each other. :-s After helping the other boat, the weather became even worse. The waves were enormous. It looked like it could swallow the boat in an instant. The other guests couldn't laugh anymore. One of them almost fell in the vast, angry sea. That almost gave us a heart attack. Good thing he was able to hold onto something.

We were on board from 2PM to almost 6PM. On normal days, the trip would only last for about an hour and a half. The staff had a hard time looking for an area to dock. The sea in the original resort / place where we were supposed to dock was too wavy. So we took another hour on the sea looking for another area in Batangas where to dock. We finally were able to in Gasang Mabini Batangas. Although it was already far from where we were supposed to beat,we're all so thankful that we made it all on land safe. Wet and safe.

(This is the house where we changed clothes.)

The people there were so nice. They let us use their bathroom to change clothes and even prepared coffee for all us.

Other notes:

Pray. Although I know that we would be able to get to the shores safely, I still prayed. Even though I am so used to waves and rollercoaster-like ship rides, this one's the worst!

Stay calm. Panicking will do you and the people around you any good. As long as you can see that the staff on the boat are calm, be calm as well. If you panic in times like this one, you'll most likely experience what that the guy who almost fell into the water experienced.

People in the province are very nice and accommodating. The people there were really really nice. One of the said that if we're in their place, they're sure that we would also help them. One of the guests from the resort said that it isn't like that here in Manila. True. Sad, but somewhat true.


Ar-Ar Malalis said…
bitin ang pictures! C'mmon!
omg! what a nightmare! glad you're ok! scary!
Hazel said…
glad you made it safe back in manila!! :) akala ko about sa enchanted kingdom yung post, yun pala real life anchors away talaga :))
ishna said…
Hahahahaha! Will blog with more photos kapag sinipag ako. Katamad e.
apple said…
we experienced the same with our naga trip last year. everyone was quiet and obviously praying. glad your safe.

apple here, bloghopping. =)
[ k r y k ] said…
waaaaa. ishnaaaa! kaya ayoko sumakay ng boat eeh :((
may phobia na ako. HAHA.
i experienced it years ago nung papunta kami ng bataan.

hello, ang lalim ng dagat aah! HAHA
at de ako kagalingang lumangoy.

kyaaaaa nakakatakot kaya T_T
but at least everyone's safe. Ü
parang nakalibre ka pa ng entrance sa EK at SC dahil sa mga rides looool ^_^
Alex said…
Grabe. Scary glad everyone was safe!

Date nung pumunta kame sa Bacolod nagbarko kame pauwi. We got stranded in the middle of the ocean for one day! May something ata sa makina. Kiber lang kame kasi enjoy talga kame ng mga kapatid ko sa mga travel travel chuchu! Haha!
Tsaka ang ganda ng moon pag nasa dagat ka. =)

Tsaka tama. I feel like people in the province are nicer.
Melle Lee said…
I've tried riding in a boat in the ph like maybe thrioe? once from batangas port to puerto galera, then from cebu to bohol and lastly the corregidor thingy.. darn.. lol I just hate the waves.. haha but sall good..and you were right you have to stay calm coz the more you panic the more things are gunna get fucked up
ishna said…
Apple: Thanks. Really thankful everyone was safe. :)

Kyrk: Ako naman, okay lang saken yung mga ganon, kase I'm used to it na. Kaso worst of the worst lang talaga yun. HAHAHA
ishna said…
Alex: I thank it all to my years of experience sa pagsakay sa ship. At least hindi ako nag panic katulad nung iba hahaha!!

Melle: So glad I'm the type of person who doesn't panic easily. lol
Diana CMP :) said…
Nice :)love your blog :)
Please check mine and follow me if you like it :) Godbless you!

Ishna said…
Thank you, diana. Will check out your blog one of these days. :)

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