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Batangas and Galera!

Since I am so behind in my entries, I decided to post to summer getaways in one entry! Ha!

Valentino Resort and Spa

We had a once in a blue moon mini reunion few weeks ago with my relatives from my father's side. We hardly see each other so naturally, we aren't that bonded. The mini reunion was actually for Lola Fidela's birthday. I met some cousins for the first time. We still didn't talk that much but I'm so glad I met them somehow. Hopefully, we'll get to spend time together again soon.

Group picture! :)
The place is so beautiful! Really. It is. Very.
And what's really cool is that there were times when we have the pool by ourselves! Lol. There weren't so many people when we were there.
See? No one else there! Hahaha!
They even have a hanging bridge there!
There's also a Koi pond in the place were we stayed in.

Dolphin Bay Resort @ Sabang, Puerto Galera

Mother and friends organized a little bonding and catching up few weeks ago, so me and my sister Kiara decided to tag along. I didn't want to go at first because I thought we were going to be spending the night in White Beach. I know that White Beach would be soooo crowded (as usual) so I was hesistant at first. Good thing we checked in at one of the resorts in Sabang. The place is so not crowded. The resort is actually still kind of far from the famous Sabang Beach. I liked it! So much!

It's a really small but beautiful resort. Very private! Perfect for bondings and relaxation. :) They also have a good collection of books!

Our view whenever we're eating. :D
Mom and friends! Pang pageant daw sabi nila hahaha!
And just like in Valentino Resort, I also have the pool all by myself HAHA
And look! I even have the sea all by myself! Lol

Sorry for the photo heavy post. :) Hope you guys had/have a fun summer too!


Hazel said…
wow i'm so jealous.. i think i'll never have a chance to go to the beach this summer ahahha :D and i super like your jumping pic by the pool :)
Angie said…
Galaaaaaaa! Hahaha! Ikaw na naka-two piece at merong abs. Super ganda ng place gusto ko din pumunta dyan.
ishna said…
Hazel: But at least you're still having fun in the Metro! :D Thank you!

Angie: HAHA! Asan ang abs? taba yoooown!!!! Punta din kayo. Ganda talaga.
Ar-Ar Malalis said…
I like the last photo! :) sexy! and wow! I love water! you know that.. Im so Jaylous! :PD
[ k r y k ] said…
Ishnaaaaaaaaa, :D
I love your jumpshot!! Ü
sakto kekeke. :DD
and too sexy on the bridge aah!
strike a pose ang drama. hiihii.

anyway, your not close sa relatives mo rin sa father side?
Me toooooooo. T_______T
gawa ata ng age gap? looool

pili lang yung ka-close ko ihh unlike sa mother side lahat ka'close. hehe :D
Alex said…
Ganda. So sad haven't been to the beach all summer. Gah. Sayang. Tag ulan na!!!


I was supposed to be at my grandparents' wedding anniversary and stuff and all my rellies gonna be there but we had to cancel so now I'm depressed and seeing your reunion photos made me even more depressed now ate. Hahaha!

But I'm happy for you!
Ganda ng resorts! Sana makahabol pa kame sa outing nameng mahfefriends haha! Try namen sa Valentino!

Love the last pic ha! Havey na havey!

And I love photo heave posts kaya okay lang ate. =D
ishna said…
Ar: Thank you! Haha! Sana naman makapag beach tayo together! :)

Kyrk: Thank yooouuuu! Hahaha. Lakasan lang ng loob. Lol. Hindi kami close kase we don't see each other that much. :P

Alex: Rainy season na Lex!!! Valentino is such a nice place! You and your friends will love it there!

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