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Lola Carmen and Me
I can't believe I'm just few steps away to finishing this training. Almost everyone close tome knows that this is not the line of work that I want take. I remember crying because right after I finished AB-Int'l Studies in college they forced me to take up Caregiving. I gave in and enrolled in a Caregiver Training 2 months after my graduation. I dropped out of class because I really couldn't take it. Haha!
Then after almost three years, I decided to give it another shot. My parents and relatives explained that I just need to finish the training but I don't really need to practice it when our plans push through. I'm so thankful that finally, I will get this over and done with.
Last Friday was our last day for the Elderly OJT. I, together with my classmate Lyn, was assigned to look after Lola Carmen for two weeks. I'm so thankful because Lola Carmen is so nice and cool. She jokes around a lot. She made it easy for me and my partner.
I am surely…