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Oh, Facebook!

I know, I know. I'm such a bad bad blogger. So many things happened but I didn't really want to blog them all. Well, honestly, it was more like I do not know how to put all those things into words. Aaah. What is happening to me? I used to blahb about everything. Kahit sobrang senseless na, go pa din. Lately.. I've been more, uhm.. Private? HAHA. I don't know. Am I making sense? I really want to update this blog, I'm doing the best I can, so please bear with me. :)))
Few days ago, I decided deactivate my Facebook account. The day that I deactivated my Facebook was one of the most difficult/exhausting days in my life. I was (still am, actually) going through something and I don't know, I just thought of deactivating it. My original plan was to keep it like that for about a week, but my mother wouldn't stop bugging me to re-activate my Facebook. So yun. Being the obedient daughter that I am, my account is back on.
When I logged on Facebook, I saw that she upda…