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Oh, Twitter!

Twitter, if not the most, is one of those social networking sites with most users. Not surprising at all, because tweeting is so fun and easy. I joined Twitter in May 2008. Although I have been on Twitter for more than three years already, I started being really active on it  a year after creating the account. I didn't enjoy it at first because there weren't so many people I know on Twitter. During those times, when I wasn't that active yet, I only use it for fangirling purposes. Lol. Then, some of my friends started using it and some of my (then) coworkers started to sign up and then poof! I started tweeting almost  everytime and everything. I started to actually have fun on Twitter. 
Who wouldn't have fun on it, anyway? You get to express what you feel at the moment, you get to rant, vent rave. You get to tell everyone what you just woke up, that you're sleepy, what you had for lunch, etc. You get to talk to people whom you don't see that often. Twitter is a…