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A Different Approach

I have been feeling down lately due to reasons that I do not want to divulge. When I'm sad, I usually just stay at home. I don't check my social networking sites and I just lay down on my bed until I fall asleep. But the other day and yesterday,I decided to do the opposite. I decided to be active on my social networking sites again and go out with my bestfriend. And also, I have been eating a lot. 
Can you believe that these photos were taken by my phone? HAHA! I love it! :)
Friday, I went to SM Dasma to meet up with beshy. We watched a movie and ate at Joey Pepperoni. And then Saturday, Jess and I met up again. Mall of Asia naman. Before leaving for MOA, I had Jollibee for brekky. I arrived at MOA first, so I waited for Besh at Krispy Kreme. Then we had lunch at Kimono Ken. We also had Dunkin Donuts for merienda. 
Thank you for being there with me Jessie! Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for always being there! I'm so thankful I have you (and Ymel) as my best fri…

I have a feeling..

You know what's the next best thing to pancakes, Nutella and coffee in the morning? Flowers delivered right at your doorstep! :) This was my breakfast this morning! HAHA. But seriously, thank you! :) I love it! I really do! I have a feeling that October is gonna be awesome! 
Let's have an awesome October, friends! :-)