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Robinson's Magnolia

I love going to malls! I don't always shop for clothes, bags or shoes when I'm at a mall because, well I don't have the means of doing so! Haha! I usually just do grocery shopping, book hunting and filling my tummy with my cravings. One of the reasons why I love our place is because the malls are very accessible from here. I live in Sampaloc, very near in U-belt, so everywhere seems like just a ride away. If I want to go to SM North Edsa or Trinoma, it's just an FX ride away. If I want to go Shang or Mega Mall, one FX ride away, too. SM San Lazaro is just a jeepney ride from here. Greenhills / Robinson's Galleria  are a bus ride away only. And just recently, Robinson's Magnolia opened. It's very accessible because I just need to ride the LRT and get off at Gilmore station. And from there, I can ride a jeepney or just walk to reach the newest mall in town!
Yesterday, I finally went for a courtesy visit (LOL) at the newest mall! After the mass, my little sis…

Beyond Blogs

I decided to bring this blog back to life. HOOORAAYYY!! I know I have been MIA for almost a year now, but I am going to make it up to you, my dear blog. Blogging is an important part of my life. During those times when I did not have anyone to talk to, blogging kept me company. I might not have updated this blog, but I was blogging somewhere out. It's not a blog that I would want other people to read, tho. It's more of like a real diary. Full of emotional outbursts, overly dramatic entries and such. So uh, yeah, you better not know the link to that blog.
And the best way to, once again, jump start this blog? Of course, talk about the friends I made through blogging! I started blogging, 2005 but I got really hooked on blogspot in 2008. And through my PoshProbinsyana (yeahsureyoucanlaughatmyblogsname) blog, I've made so many online friends. I lost contact with some of those online friends already, but there's still a lot more whom I'm still connected to. And two of th…