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Chicco Di Caffe

I love coffee shops. I love coffee shops with good drinks and cakes, after all they're coffee shop right? Lol. But apart from the good coffee and pastries, what I love about coffee shops is the ambiance and the staff. And yeah, also the availability of power sockets and wifi. :))

When I was in college, I used to frequent Starbucks with my friends. It was kind of the automatic meeting place whenever we were meeting up, it became our to go to place when we had long breaks from school, most especially when they opened a branch at SM Manila. But you know, as much as I love Starbucks, I kind of don't like staying there. I mean, if I were to meet a friend for a chat over coffee, I would not pick Starbucks as the location. I looooove their coffee and their sandwiches, but it's just too crowded. I don't even understand how the heck some people get to study at Starbucks! Haha!
So anyway, my point is, there's this (not so) new coffee shop in town that I love! It's called…