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Polka Love ♥

One of the reasons why I feel so blessed this October is because I finally got to buy a new camera! Although I do not really (as in REALLY) need a new camera, I still could not stop myself from wanting to have a new one since I saw Samsung's NX1000! We have our digital camera and my phone takes unbelievably good photos, but I really wanted to get hold of this camera from Samsung! And I am so happy, so glad and so thankful that I finally was able to buy it!
I am not going into details about the specs of the camera. Honestly, I haven't paid much attention to it. But if you're really interested, you can read the full specification of the camera here. The main reason why I was instantly drawn to this camera is because it's PINK! It was love at first sight! For the longest time, I was contened with my Sony Digital Camera and my mobile phone, I have my cousin's SLR if I want to take really good photos! Then I saw this camera at the mall, I knew I had to have this! Haha!…

Seeing The World Much Clearer

I've been experiencing terrible headaches since I was young. I remember being excused in class because I couldn't take the pain. Eons ago, I was prescribed to wear glasses. I did, but just for a short period of time. I thought it was unnecessary, so to make the story short, I stopped wearing glasses and stopped visiting the clinic for my eye check up! 
So the reason why I'm blogging about this is because of my recurring headaches. It started again this year. I was ignoring it at first, but the other night I had the worst headache in so many years! Whenever I have headache and I feel like throwing up, I don't stop myself from doing so because it makes me feel better afterwards. The last headache was different tho, I already threw up and my head was still hurting so bad. So few days ago, I decided to visit a clinic and have my eyes checked after such a long time. And as expected I was prescribed to wear glasses! Ha!  I went to Ideal Vision - SM San Lazaro. I had my eyes …

Toursit-y Sunday

My favorite place in Manila is Intramuros. Whenever I feel like I am so tired of all the pollution, all the traffic and all the noise that the city has, Intramuros and/or Luneta are the places that would come in my mind to to visit. But personally, I like Intramuros more. There's something about the place which makes me want to go back there every single chance I got. The place screams vintage and history! It is perfect for photo op, for relaxation or for plain sight seeing. Although I have been to Intramuros for a lot of times already, I know there is still a lot to see and a whole lot more to learn.
Today (technically yesterday because it's past midnight already, lol), me and my (not so) little sister went to Intramuros again. Last week was the first time that my sister stepped foot in Intramuros. Haha. Yeah, it's ironic that we live near the area but it was just last week when she first saw, smell and felt what Intramuros is like! Kiara fell in love with t…

A Not So Book Review: Fifty Shades Trilogy

It was last week of June when I bought the boxed set of Fifty Shades. I kept on seeing updates on Twitter and Facebook about the book series so I decided to buy the set. But here's a funny story, I didn't even know what the series is all about when I bought it. I was actually choosing between two authors but I decided to go with the majority and chose Fifty Shades without researching about the book! All I knew then was everyone I know who's reading the book is inlove with Christian Grey! And every girl wants to be Ana! I can be such a bandwagon-er sometimes! Lol. So yeah, I bought the books but completely forgot about it weeks after the purchase.I actually just started reading it more than a month after I bought it.
 Now let's start talking about the content of the books. I had high expectations before I started reading it, mainly because a lot of people are raving about it, telling the whole world how addicted they are to the book, how they all love Christian Grey and…

Meet My Date

My (not so) little Kiara is my constant date! And yesterday we had one of those dates again. The plan was early dinner and movie but we did not push through with the latter. After her school, she just rest a bit and then we headed to Robinsons Magnolia. I told her to change clothes but she obviously did not change. She has nothing to wear daw. Oh, female pains! Lol. We were supposed to watch that Vice-Luis-Toni Movie but we are both not so interested with it so we decided just have early dinner and look around after. We had our early dinner at Yabu. Like what I said in the photo caption, it was both our first time to eat there. I KNOW RIGHT? Where have I been all my life? LOL So anyway, we ate at Yabu just so we could eat there. Not craving for something Japanese, Kiara was just very persistent and since I wanted to experience Yabu as well, I agreed. I myself was curious about what the hype is all about, so might as well try it right? So how was my first Yabu experience? It's def…

Reasons To Be Thankful

I am not the most religious person you'll meet. I miss hearing Sunday Mass sometimes and I don't read the Bible, but I can say that I have this personal relationship with God. I believe, respect and have fear in Him. I talk to him a lot. I ask forgiveness for my sins, I thank Him for all the blessings that I continuously receive and I ask Him for help and guidance in everything. My September was not that good, I was mostly stressed and depressed last month so I was hoping and praying that October would be different. And guess what, it's just the middle of October and a lot of good things has already happened.
 Almost two weeks ago, I was in Intramuros so I thought of dropping by San Agustin Church. My plan was just to say a little prayer but the mass was just about to start when I came in, so I decided to finish it instead. It was the first time, after such a long time, that I was able to say a prayer at that church. I felt really good after the mass. It was a different f…