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A Not So Book Review: Fifty Shades Trilogy

It was last week of June when I bought the boxed set of Fifty Shades. I kept on seeing updates on Twitter and Facebook about the book series so I decided to buy the set. But here's a funny story, I didn't even know what the series is all about when I bought it. I was actually choosing between two authors but I decided to go with the majority and chose Fifty Shades without researching about the book! All I knew then was everyone I know who's reading the book is inlove with Christian Grey! And every girl wants to be Ana! I can be such a bandwagon-er sometimes! Lol. So yeah, I bought the books but completely forgot about it weeks after the purchase.I actually just started reading it more than a month after I bought it.
 Now let's start talking about the content of the books. I had high expectations before I started reading it, mainly because a lot of people are raving about it, telling the whole world how addicted they are to the book, how they all love Christian Grey and how lucky Ana Steele was. The first few chapters of the book, I actually liked it. But when all the adult contents started, it kind of turned me off. Call me a hypocrite or whatever, but I just think that there's too much sex in the book. I know, I know the book needed to put into details how dominant Christian is, but I don't know, I just find it too much. The story would still be interesting even without all those unnecessary details. I understand the need to educate the readers about the BDSM relationship, the sex stuff and all, but like what I mentioned earlier, it was too much for me! HAHA.

I am not going to make a thorough review about the three books. I just want to express my disappointment. This is what I get for expecting too much and from buying the series without even researching! HAHA! Don't get me wrong,  I like it, I even finished the books, right? It's just that I was expecting more! I liked Fifty Shades Darker the most. As for Fifty Shades of Grey and Freed, there were chapters that bored me and made me skip some paragraphs! There are those books that you couldn't and wouldn't want to miss any paragraph, those books that you would read every single word; but it's not the case with Fifty Shades.

But I am still looking forward to watching the movie. It's a common knowledge the books turned into movies are disappointing, but I hope it's not the case with this series! I hope the movie adaptation is goooooood!

Fifty Shades of Grey: Giving it 3/5. The introduction to sex the characters is good! First few and last few chapters are actually good for my liking. But those in between are so-so for me.

Fifty Shades Darker: I'm giving this 4/5. This! I love this book! I did not skip that much. HAHA. Lots of interesting twists. I love the Leila & Mrs. Robinson's parts and the confessions. Like I said, I liked this best!

Fifty Shades Freed: (2.9/5) After reading Darker and liked it, I expected too much again. And you know what happens when expecting too much, you get disappointed. Yet again. HAHA! And I didn't like how the whole series ended!


Arianne said…
Hahahahah all I love about the books are the juicy parts. :)) But again, it got kind of boring. :)) Ang babaw ng plot. LOL.
Ishna said…
Naman! Some parts are really boring!
i'm scared to buy these books from the book shop, haha :) i've only read some bits and pieces from each book, it was interesting at first but then it keeps dragging along so i lost interest. lol
Ishna said…
haha! If I knew that it'd be disappointing, I shouldve justdownloaded ebooks.
aw ,
i was supposed to buy them
thanks for the review dear .

i nominated you for
the Liebster Award dear .
Ishna said…
I'm glad my review helped. Somehow. Lol.
Adly Velasco said…
I'm surprised you got past the entire trilogy. I stopped at the first book. Glad I didn't buy a paperback because I didn't like the writing at all. The story was too mythical as well. I guess that's just my opinion.
Ishna said…
I was kind of forced to finish it, I bought the boxed set e! HAHA. But seriously, the book was entertaining is some ways, but it's not as good as what others said. At least for me. And for you! heehee!
Hazel said…
i downloaded the ebooks without researching what's it all about. and mygossshh! ang dami ko yata na-skip na part. i'm still on the 2nd book though.. so, medyo katamad na! HAHA! but i love the love story, it's just that masyado nga maraming DETAILED sex parts T___T
Ishna said…
Kaya nga. TMI at its finest hahaha

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