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Beauty & Butter Tralala

Why hello there, blog and blog friends! First, I want to apologize to you, my dear blog, for neglecting you for two weeks! Lol. I was pretending to be busy with work, so yeah. Second, I am so sorry blog friends, for not returning your comments, for not dropping by your blogs! And third, I want to apologize for the lame blog title. HAHA!  I promise I will go visit yours and leave something for you there later (or tomorrow or the following days!) :) But for now, I'm going to make it you with you dear blog! Lezzdothizzz! 
So, more than two weeks of not visiting the a salon/nail spa, I finally managed to take a visit earlier this evening. I was supposed to go to Nailaholics, but they were jam-packed and I'd be put on the waiting list, so I decided to go to Beauty & Butter instead. The interior of the spa/salon is so colorful, I love it! I've always wanted to try their services and I am so glad I finally did! I decided to get a nail art and a regular pedicure. It's been…

What's In My Bag Part Version III

Since I did not go anywhere this long weekend and has nothing to blog, I decided to post (another) What's In My Bag Entry! Here's a tip, if you ran out of things to blog and you want to update your blog badly, there are the topics you might want to post: What's In My Bag PostWhat's In My Make Up Pouch PostMy Favorite (Anything) ListMy Wish ListMy Bucket List As for me, as what my title says, it's another What's In My Bag post. I posted one last year and I thought that it's just time to post another one! Ha! So here we go! I've had this bag for more or less two years now but I just started appreciating this recently. Why just recently? Well, because two of my favorite big bags gave up on me already! Hahaha! I didn't want to risk getting my other favorite to bid farewell, too.. So I started using this when I need to carry a lot of stuff! Lol. I tend to abuse my favorite bags, y'know. So to prevent my remaining favorite bag from giving up on me, I d…


On my way home from work, I passed by a row of stalls by the sidewalk which sell fashion accessories, second hand books, cellphone accessories and other random stuff. I was thinking of getting a second hand book (which btw, looked brand new) worth half of it's bookstore brand new price, but I ended up buying fashion accessories. I feel like I need them because of work! Haha! I need to look presentable, okay? :P
This is my favorite! Aren't they adorable. I got these for PHP65.00 only! Yes, for both earrings and the ring! Can you believe that this is only PHP90.00? Those being sold at malls are usually around 300-500PHP.  This. I've been wanting to get chunky white earrings but it always slips my mind, good thing I saw this pair! This is PHP40.00 This collar necklace is a little bit heavy when worn, but I like it! Hahaha! I got this for PHP130.00
Now, these mustache rings! These are adorable. I wanted to get all colors available, but it would be too much already! Hahaha! So…