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Cafe Adriatico with Bestfriends

I know quite a lot of people but there are only few whom I consider as my close friends. I am so blessed to have met Jessica and Ymel, my best friends in the whole world! We've been best friends for eleven years now. We were all there when a first experience each other's first love and first heartbreak! Hahaha!
We may not hang out every week but we always get in touch via facebook, twitter and/or sms! When we get together, it always feels like the time we allotted with each other is not enough. We understand each other best. We can finish each other's sentences. We can be brutally honest with each other. I love these two girls so so much!

Two weeks ago (late post again,lol), we had this send off dinner for her. As of this moment, she's already in Jeddah, nursing sick people there. I am happy for her because she finally gets to practice her profession again, but it's just sad because we are going to miss her here again!

I'm gonna share with you guys what I had …

Oh, December!

I started my December right by meeting up with my best friends at the Mall of Asia last December 1! We didn't take much photos because we got so excited catching up. We did not see each other for some time, so when we finally met up that day, kwento galore!  I love how vain my bestfriend is! We really are best of friends hahaha! I used to be more vain than her, but as of the moment, I think she's more vain than I am! :)) We were with Ymel, our other bestfriend, too but she's pregnant and she didn't want to have her photo taken because she thinks she's too fat. Well she gained weight because she's pregnant! Can't wait to meet Baby Zoey!!

All New

Friday last week, my little sister and I went to SM Manila to attend Kimpoy Feliciano's album launch. HAHAHA. I know, right? Let me explain, you guys! So, my cousin who lives in Canada (she's same age with my sister, 13) likes Kimpoy and she wants to have a Kimpoy Shirt with signature. So who are we to say no, right? My cousin, Sarah, was born in Toronto and visited Philippines (only) once. And it amuses me that she knows and actually likes Kimpoy! I've learned about Kimpoy last year, I think. He's kind of famous on social networking sites and tweeners/teens love him even though he is actually based in New Zealand. Aaahhh. The wonders of technology! Anyway, I'm sharing with you guys some of the photos from the event!
While waiting for the event to be finished, I decided to have coffe and cake at my favorite Cafe at SM Manila, Chicco Di Caffe. I will never get tired of raving about this place because I just love it too much! HAHA! Anyway, I was not able to take a ph…