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Cafe Adriatico with Bestfriends

Jessica, Ymel and Me
I know quite a lot of people but there are only few whom I consider as my close friends. I am so blessed to have met Jessica and Ymel, my best friends in the whole world! We've been best friends for eleven years now. We were all there when a first experience each other's first love and first heartbreak! Hahaha!

We may not hang out every week but we always get in touch via facebook, twitter and/or sms! When we get together, it always feels like the time we allotted with each other is not enough. We understand each other best. We can finish each other's sentences. We can be brutally honest with each other. I love these two girls so so much!

Two weeks ago (late post again,lol), we had this send off dinner for her. As of this moment, she's already in Jeddah, nursing sick people there. I am happy for her because she finally gets to practice her profession again, but it's just sad because we are going to miss her here again!

I'm gonna share with you guys what I had for dinner that night! We had dinner at Cafe Adriatico at the Mall of Asia.  I ordered Chicken ala Kiev! It was goooooood! I love how the butter came out when I sliced the chicken! Sooooo yummy! I just wished there was more butter in it! LOL. We also ordered Gambas that night!


Chicken Ala Kiev
Chicken Ala Kiev
I had Green Mango Shake.

Here are some photos from our dinner.  This was a last minute dinner because Jessica was informed that she was leaving just 3 days before her flight! So happy that we all made it that night. I was there first since I got off from work early that day. Jess followed, then Ymel came last because she had work until 8PM.
I wasn't so comfortable touching Ymel's big baby bump! HAHA
My bestfriends in the world plus baby Zoey! 
Our Pretty Nurse!
Thank you for spending your last night in the Philippines, Beshy! I love you and I'm missing you already! I love bullying you! HAHA! I'll see you soon and please finish your contract this time! No more going home because of youknowwhat/who, okay? LOL!

I'm ending this entry with my outfit photos, which were captured by my phone. Haha! Eveything just happened so fast, I was not able to get an outfit shot using my camera!
Top: Folded & Hung || Pants: Zara || Shoes: Shoebox & Me | Belt: Forever21

My work place is beside this little park. I love it!


TorontoRunner said…
aww I hope it's a good pregnancy for your friend!

True friends are so rare and hard to come by. I really cherish all my friendships. Looks like you've got some great ladies!

You look so cute, I'm loving those wedges!
Ishna said…
You're fast! Hahaha!

I cherish them dearly. They're really very good friend. :)

And thanks! Too bad those wedges gave up on me already. lol
Nourhan Mostafa said…
lovely photos<3
do u wanna follow each other??
if you want let me know

aree1997 said…
Oh I miss being with my friends :) It's been a while that we ate together :)
Aww is baby a girl or boy? haha I am always curios. Well, I am getting hungry after seeing these photos!!!

Aree With Umbrella
Vote me
Gellie Abogado said…
This definitely made me miss my friends. You look fab, btw :)
jeniffer said…
The gambas looks like so ymmy.. grabe.. I love shrimp that much.. Thanks God almighty for not giving me any allergies to sea food.. that was really wonderful gift from God..
Ishna said…
Thank you! I'll go check out your blog!:)
Ishna said…
And they taste really yummy, too! I am so thankful hat I dont have allergies as well. Thanks for droppingby myblog!
hazel said…
looking gorgeous dear! merry christmas :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
We used to have Cafe Adriatico here but for some reason, they closed down. The food really look gastronomic.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Ishna.
Wynne Prasetyo said…
what a lovely get together. oh the baby already has a name! <3

Glad you had fun! Nice shirt :)
CutestPrincess said…
i've been to cafe adriatico twice, and yes.. their chicken ala kiev is so yummy! Happy New Year, dear!
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hope to hear from you soon!
yummy food! :) and awwhh.. your pregnant friend look so radiant! i love your outfit Ish, such a cute top :)

belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I wish you all the best for the year of 2013, i hope you'll have a blast <3
Chyrel Gomez said…
Happy New Year, Ishna! <3
Anonymous said…
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anney said…
Such a wonderful bonding time! Delish food! Wishing you a fruitful 2013!
Ishna said…
Thank you, Christine! All the best!:)
Ishna said…
My bestfriend's having a baby girl!:)

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