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Anthony & Kay's Wedding

One of my friends from my first job got married last December 5. I know, I know. Super duper late post. I lost my drive to blog, again. But here I am again. Finally posting an update. Well anyway, back to Kay and her wedding. I was not able to start the wedding ceremony because I came from work, but I witnessed the wedding kiss! I am so happy for her and Anthony!

Kay was my team leader when we were still working for the same company. I am so glad that even though we haven't been hanging out ever since we left the company, she still invited me (along with 3 others) to her wedding. Although she already mentioned that she was going to invite us, it still touched me that she really did! It only means I've been a good friend, right? HAHA! 
The wedding ceremony was held at Malate Church and reception followed at Ramon Magsaysay Hall, just few blocks away.
I really am getting old. I got really teary eyed when they kissed! Awww moment right thurrr. Haha! If I witnessed Kay walking to…

A Quick One For The First One

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Ha! Ha! Am I too late to greet you all? Oh well, it's always better late than never, right? lol. I hope you guys enjoyed your holiday celebration because I did! 
I am so behind my blog posts, so I will make this one a real quick updates! Sharing some photos from my holiday vacation and celebrtion. We celebrated at my Lolo's house. Whenever he's in the country, we make sure to spend time with him everytime we get a chance. It was just a simple celebration but Lolo was very happy because it was also his birthday last January 1st!
So anyway, here are some of the photos! I actually have quite a lot of pictures, will share and post others on a separate entry!  

Our New Year Celebration was really simple. Simple but we had fun despite the lack of fireworks! Lol. Oh, farm life!